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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Welcome rachel27, glad to have you here! I totally sympathize with you looking on Google and double guessing every period symptom as a preg symptom! Don't we all! I did that like everyday every month when I first started trying (after almost a year and half of trying I don't do it much anymore) Now I ALWAYS do an edd when I'm in my tww...I wish I could just relax Lol! Take it easy and try not to overwhelm yourself! =) who knows though, maybe this month is your month!!

    @corvus, I'm sorry to hear this wasn't your month =( maybe it will happen super fast once you actually start trying in June!
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    I'm following all of your stories with interest, but it would be a bit overwhelming for me to comment to each of you who have posted since my last post. So I shall wish you all a general "good luck," particularly those of you enduring the two-week wait. Looking forward to good news on this thread!

    I've arranged for my husband to have some blood tests to check his hormone levels. Apparently--and I didn't realize this--he had a general blood screening about a year ago, and his testosterone was low at the time. We were not trying to conceive at the time, and our doctor wasn't overly concerned. But our doctor just informed me that this could very well be our problem, or at least contributing to it. My husband is not having a semen analysis yet, because our doctor said he would expect to see abnormal semen results given my husband's testosterone levels of last year. He said that testosterone supplements could take about two months to take effect. The doctor ordered several more blood tests beyond the basic infertility blood tests for him, because he wants to figure out the cause of the low testosterone. Should I be concerned? Is my husband ill? I mean I don't want him to have to be on supplements indefinitely, I want to know that he is okay and healthy!

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    Actually testosterone levels can be transiently suppressed in all manner of illnesses, include brief colds or times of stress. The blood draw from last year might not reflect a permanent state of affairs. It's good he's getting worked up independently, too.

    When you switch over to his insurance will your options expand re: your own workup, should it be needed?
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    When I go on his insurance in August, I will finally have unlimited access to the better healthcare system in our area, and I will have access to infertility screening, but there is a lifetime maximum payout of only $2,400 per member for infertility-related tests and treatments. I don't think that would even cover the cost of an HSG test, but it would at least put a huge dent in it. If I were to pursue an HSG test on that plan, I wouldn't have anything left over for subsequent infertility tests. I tried to pursue other types of infertility screening beyond the HSG test on my current insurance, but nothing billed under the infertility diagnostic codes will be covered, and no local clinics will bill such tests in any other way. (This led to a lively conversation between me and an insurance representative. I absolutely made her day.)

    I'm not sure what to expect regarding my husband's hormone levels at this point. He is living an entirely different lifestyle than he was last year. He has lost over 50 lbs, has quit drinking soda completely (we have never been alcohol or even coffee drinkers, but soda was a huge weakness for him), has become much more physically active, and is eating, sleeping, feeling, and looking significantly better than he was when he had those blood tests done last. I don't know which, if any, of those things would affect testosterone. Also, we were dealing with vaginismus at the time, which took a toll on him psychologically, and that may have affected his hormone levels. It may still be having a residual effect. He still does not have a normal sex drive for a male his age. He loathes the male sex drive because it has torn his family apart for the past several generations on both sides, so he has deliberately suppressed his for years, and our bout with vaginismus didn't make that easy to undo. So a lot of psychological factors could be playing into this, right? Is testosterone affected by things like that? Honestly I'm hoping his testosterone is our problem, because it's so much easier to deal with than blocked Fallopian tubes. It would mean a wait of several months for supplements to take effect, and I am so impatient, but at least I would have hope in the foreseeable future. I think he's going to do the blood tests on Monday, and his GP wants to see him whenever he gets a chance so I'll try to schedule that for next Friday.

    My husband is reluctant to take testosterone supplements because of his family history of disgusting men who couldn't control their sex drives. He views women with extreme respect and has gone to great lengths to suppress that natural male instinct to think about women in sexual terms (though he is unquestionably heterosexual). He doesn't want to subject himself to testosterone supplements that will make him like his dad or grandfathers. I think he will be willing to take a low dose of the supplements for me, though.
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    alzora, I hope you are able to get some answers from your husband's blood work. While I don't hope he has a problem, if low testosterone is the only issue, it's much easier to fix than blocked tubes. I really respect your husband's restraint and concern for your marriage and women in general. It's a rare quality, and one that is sadly undervalued by most people. I just want to share that my husband has a normal testosterone level and sex drive, and he would never cheat on me. I know that with complete conviction. He has to work hard to keep his mind pure, but it is possible. Your husband won't suddenly become like the men in his family because of a testosterone supplement. (it will probably be a pretty low dose anyway) If his heart and mind are in the right place, he can, and will, control the rest of his body. I don't know if this is coming across like I want it to. I just want to encourage you and him. "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength." Besides, this may all be a moot point. It sounds like his health is vastly different, and that can definitely have an impact on hormones.

    Yay for better insurance in August! I have also had some lively conversations with insurance reps. Ahh the joys of billing. Does the $2400 cap restart in August every year or in January? Most insurance things like that restart January 1, so if you need more testing after the HSG, you could wait till January for the rest of them. Honestly though, I can't think of any other expensive tests besides the HSG that you might need. I'm sure there are others, but none I've ever encountered.

    I hope you get some answers soon. And if nothing else, you'll be able to move forward in August. Waiting is awful, but it'll be worth it! You and your hubby will be in my prayers!
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