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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    thanks gigi I'm excited too, though pregnancy is quite different with a young toddler. I didn't have anyone kicking me in the stomach when he didn't want to put on his shoes the first go-round.
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    AF finally came... for one hour only. I had the cramping, the AF/TIB mood, some spotting, and then it stopped. This wasn't in my biology textbook, does it mean I started a new cycle? My hormones are just totally off? Implantation bleeding? I'm just really confused
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    Can't answer your questions, @khaatje, but I'm hoping it's good news for you!

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    Thanks Alzora, at this point I wouldn't mind if AF came either, just want my body to get into a normal cycle

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    @alzora Wonky and Janky are slang for screwed up

    I didn't try anything medically for our son. But we've been TTC for another child for right at a year. I have been pursuing homeopathic remedies for over 6 months. We both have talked about even going to modern medicine and trying Clomid or something of that nature. But I think we'll hold off a couple of more months on that. I'm torn right now.

    Thank you for the welcome I'm glad to be here!

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