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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Lol...Poppy, I'm afraid that will earn me an enema and a colonoscopy.

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    @nowakasia- Your puppy is adorable! My husband and I have been thinking about getting a dog and I think I may check into that breed now

    @alzora- I’m so sorry that you have to go through this mess again! It’s hard to keep a positive attitude when it seems like no matter what you do your plans are crushed again and again. God has a plan, and sometimes it isn’t what we want, but He has a reason for everything. I also agree with @ottilie; you are a strong woman and when you get your baby (however you end up getting one) it will be ridiculously loved. Hang in there! We are routing for you!

    @sarahmezz- Congrats on your positive!

    @blade- How exciting! I’m glad that you got your wish of only one little one, but curveball is really too good to pass up… Perhaps you could use it as a middle name?

    @poppy- How in the world did you get a sweater on a cat?! You must be some woman!

    I just want to say thank you to everyone who wished me well! I’m feeling quite a bit better, not 100% though. My Wondfo kit also came in the mail yesterday, so I’ll be prepared to start again next month!

    Hope everyone is doing well!
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    Congrats Blade, so excited your little man is going to have a sibling to torture.
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    Exciting news for Blade! I just got a BFN on pregnancy test. I wasn't expecting it to be positive but it still stings. Ugh! So tired of this. End of rant.
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    Thanks to all. I really am still mystified about this but hey, the proof was right there in front of me. It does explain why my home pregnancy test was *instantaneously* positive-- I mean as soon as it got wet, the line was strikingly dark blue. The test is designed to detect B-HCG at 5 mU/ml, and at 8 weeks pregnant (not 4 like I thought I was!) your levels should be >100,000.
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