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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    The pre-mommiehood bucketlist, I love it, it such a positive take on not-conceiving. Hang in there Alzora, you're answer might be just around the corner!

    I'm in week 6 of my cycle now and well, something is happening, pink CM yuk (I know tmi) I don't know what this means, but I hope things get back to "normal" soon!

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    I HAD TO CANCEL THAT TEST!!!!!!!! :'(

    I called the hospital to ask who will actually be performing the HSG. A radiologist guy told me that a doctor has to be there. So he transferred me to scheduling to ask who they have scheduled for me. They ended up having NO doctor scheduled and they told me that since my doctor who ordered it is with the OTHER local hospital, I have to have it done there, but I CAN'T have it done there because my insurance won't cover it there. What does this do I find a doctor to do this...I guess I have to call the fertility clinic back and deal with Theresa-in-Billing, but they were unwilling to use any other diagnostic codes except the code that my insurance won't cover.

    I have cramps and I am miserable.

    Just one hurdle after another. I feel like a rat lost in a maze.

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    Alzora-- keep your head up! I have no practical advice to offer, but you have overcome SO much... you can do this too! You never get more than you can handle. I can only imagine how frustrated you must feel. ((hugs))
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    Nooo, not TIB, anyone but TIB! Sorry you are getting the run around so bad. I HATE the runaround. I would start with calling the OBGYN who ordered the test. He/she knows what is required for the test, and it doesn't seem like they would have written you the prescription knowing no one could perform the test. Since that doctor is the one who is working around your insurance for you, maybe they can advise you on what to try next. If you do have to speak to TIB, try giving her the billing code that the other doctor used. Or you can call your insurance company again. If they pre-approve a test, it shouldn't matter what the billing code is. So yeah, if it were me, I would start with your OBGYN, then if that didn't work out, your insurance company, then TIB as a last resort. I don't know your exact relationship with any of these, so feel free to ignore my advice. That would just be my plan of attack. And yes, it is an attack. Get yourself a Rambo head band and a few nerf weapons you can shoot at the phone while you're on hold ;-) Good luck!
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    Ask your OB if she has a partner with privileges at the other hospital.
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