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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by kataklyzm21 View Post
    I have actually wondered this myself...
    Me too. I've had a few UTIs, so I also go to the bathroom immediately before and immediately after sex. I also like to shower after too. (I really hate mess!)

    As to the legs up in the air thing, I've heard that it is a good idea and works, but I've also read that it doesn't make a difference since anything that falls out is dead already or not useful. Blade, can you clear this up for us? Do we need to keep our hips/ legs up in the air after sex to increase chances of conception or not? Thanks!

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    I've never heard going to the toilet before could prevent UTIs, but my many UTIs have not returned since I'vebeen going after. Now I'm waiting 15-20 minutes because we're TTC, and haven't had problems with UTIs. Indeed whats still left behind after 20 minutes aren't going to be the winners.

    But since my cycle still hasn't returned there's no way to tell whether this strategy is working. In some way I'm happy I can't get pregnant right now, it makes the SWW (six week wait) until I'm officially allowed to conceive easier, not having to be frustrated about all the windows we're missings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alzora View Post
    Just got a positive Wondfo ovulation test. First positive pee test I've ever gotten in my life, and I feel like I just won the lottery. It came exactly when it was expected, exactly when I thought it was coming each month. I was correct on my fertile cervical mucus assessment, and for eight months I've noticed that my skin looks clearest and my hair grows fastest (eyebrows, legs) just when I suspected I was ovulating, which was also correct. Wondfo says I win. I've been right all along with the timing. (Hm, so why haven't we conceived?)

    My husband is out of the house right now. I'm not mature enough to handle this positive ovulation test. I may need to text him to come home posthaste. We have the past two nights covered, but in light of this positive result I think that it would be a good idea to do it every hour on the hour for the next 24-48 hours, don't you think?
    I love seeing a positive ovulation test! Congratulations! My OB said that you should have sex with your husband every other day just before, during, and after ovulation to get the number of sperm up to higher levels. She said a lot of couples have sex too often with a positive ovulation test, which reduces the chances of pregnancy due to lower sperm count. Good luck!

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    @Kataklysm, this entire month I too have been absolutely off-the-wall name crazy, though I try not to bring it up to my husband. I have a twin sister who loves names, so I just text her my name ideas. Every single day. And she loves them. Except for the ones she hates. The other day I texted her the name Alzora to see what she thought of it, mentioning that it's my user name on here (it's nothing close to my real name; I found Alzora an old gravestone and hadn't considered it for a baby until just the other day). Anyway, my twin said it sounded boyish, I guess because of the Al-. Whatever. As for using your sister's name: You should not let her pressure you on such an important decision. That said, I understand your frustrating predicament, because it's hard to deny a sister anything. I adore my sisters and if any of them made such a request, my empathy would compel me to oblige them. I guess that's a tough decision you have to look forward to once you get pregnant. :/

    @Corvus, Kataklysm, Andrea, and Khaatke, I recommend looking into Soft Cups. I have never personally used them, but they would alleviate your concern about using the bathroom immediately after sex without allowing sperm to come out. I have no idea if any of this is even legit, though. I think it's just me being crazy and obsessing over factors that don't matter one way or the other in the babymaking process.

    @Blade, I had no idea that the egg and sperm spent so much time lollygagging. In this instant society, there ought to be a drug that expedites the process of conception and pregnancy. Wouldn't it be nice to just pop a pill and a few hours later your zygote has inflated to a full-sized baby? And then you can just click "Print" on your InstaBaby System 2.0, and out it comes. Jeez...I should be doing phone interviews with local mayoral candidates regarding an upcoming municipal election, but that's not nearly as fun as entertaining ideas of how to update our biological processes....

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    @Skylark, I've heard conflicting advice on whether to have sex every day or every other day, so we've tried both. Thanks for the tip!

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