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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Salutations, everyone! I've been following this thread for some time now. I am, however, somewhat of a shy person (and a new nameberry member) so I haven't had the gumption to chime in until now. You all are a lovely, educational bunch if I may say so. Thank you for sharing your stories and giving this lady some hope.

    My DH and I have been at the conception game for 6 months now.

    Last month I was so sure I was pregnant. Most of the tell-tale symptoms and Aunt Flo was six days late. Then spotting occurred. At first, I thought it might have been implantation spotting. But then the next day was a huge red bummer. This was the first BFN that actually had me bawling. I couldn't help myself; I was so sure. I'm wondering now if this was a chemical pregnancy? Which is even a little more heart-breaking. But I trust my body has its reasons. (Darn you, body!)

    Some good did come out of it, though: DH finally took the name game seriously. Now we have a wonderful list of names at hand. (Is it strange I sometimes look them over and a sense of peace rushes over me? I find it so calming and reassuring, somehow.)

    Baby-making is on hold (though, we're technically not trying to prevent it) until I get back from a vacation in June. I just do not want to fly while pregnant. I'm a Class A Worry Wort. The idea of missing two *edited due to miscalculations* chances for 5 days is jarring. I discovered the other day that my vacation will fall right around my ovulation time to boot. So most likely I'll have to wait until July (if the unexpected doesn't happen) to really get going again. C'est la vie.

    Thanks to this wonderful thread of ladies, next go around, I will be purchasing the WondFo Ovulation Strips. Hoping that will help give us a baby sooner.

    Congrats to all the BFP that have happened, recently. Hugs go out to all who are still on this mission.

    Kat, my sister was 6 months along and a bridesmaid in my wedding. I had no qualms about it whatsoever. If you are able to make it and you are pregnant, I hope your bride-friend will just be overjoyed you're there!
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    Welcome, Corvus! Glad you are joining us! But sad to hear about your BFN bummer / possible chemical pregnancy. I hope you have better luck next time - and hopefully you don't have to be on hold too long, or that the unexpected happens!

    I think you will find that many of us are Class A Worry Worts in this thread, so you are in good company!

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    Hi, Corvus! So glad you felt comfortable joining our group. Your experience last month would devastate me, and I don't blame you for bawling. The Wondfo test strips have been so much more of a relief to me than I expected. You will love them. Are you using Pre-Seed? They say that also helps, though I've been using it since September with no such luck. I haven't used it correctly for most of those months, though. It comes with plastic applicators so you can actually squirt the lube right inside the vagina, but for many of the months that we've used it, I flat-out forgot about the applicators and was just using it externally. Then I remembered them and we used them this month. Also, try the old pillow-under-your-hips trick, or be crazy like me and prop your legs right up on the headboard of your bed afterward (my husband's like "whaaaat?!"). I lie in bed for about 20 minutes afterward before getting up, and I wait about an hour before using the bathroom. Other people strongly recommend Soft Cups for this purpose, but I have not gone that route yet. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tarynkay View Post

    What kind of diet did you end up following? I don't think I have PCOS, but I'm not sure. Basically, every few months I have an incredibly heavy, incredibly painful period. My husband brought up the haunting possibility that this could be a series of very early miscarriages. So I am trying to figure out if this is even a possibility. I am not opposed to doctors, but they have not tended to be helpful in the past, so I am trying to arm myself w. data ahead of time.

    Our infertility was unexplained, which was very frustrating. Here is a quick run down of how it went: "oh, you're very young, it could still just happen for you! He's fine, you're fine, it should work! Okay, yeah, maybe it's not going to, this has been a long time, huh? Here, we will do this injecting you with blue dye thing- all clear! Still not working? Okay, take these hormones. Oh, those didn't work? Try these fun injectable hormones instead. Okay, you failed all of the hormones. Let's try IVF!" We said no to that, and moved on. But it was such a frustrating, invasive, disempowering time. No one was at all interested in figuring out WHY.
    I did very low carb to lose the weight, but for various reasons I think a paleo or primal (paleo with dairy) diet is best, and it's what my new gyno recommended, too. A low-glycemix index diet has been proven helpful for PCOS. It's all about insulin control. My body goes insane when I eat wheat, too. Nowadays I stick to a little fruit and plain yogurt after workouts, and at meals: meat, salad, green veg, and the occasional sweet potato, 2-3 times a week. Sweet potatoes are my crack. :-)

    I hope you find the answers you're seeking. I really do.

    @sdsurfmama - thank you, and I agree! :-)

    Today is CD10 which is when we begin our every-other-day sex-a-thon. Woohoo! Even tho it's way too early for me to be ovulating, I'm gonna take the Pre-Seed for a spin (so to speak) tonight. :-)

    Way way way fewer symptoms on Clomid this time. Not nearly as intense.

    I started Power 90 today. I feel so accomplished already, even tho at the end of it I was crawling on the floor to get to the remote. It's deceptively simple and relaxed in tone, so when you start to feel like you're dying, you're kinda going, "Why am I dying?" Everyone in the screen is calm and moving at a slow pace, and you want to punch them.

    I understand why they so strongly recommend taking "Before" pics and measurements and recording your starting stats. Nothing makes you disregard your own pain like looking at a photo of your own backfat. Or the number on the measuring tape that represents the preposterous circumference of your ass.

    I've read up on exercise during pregnancy, and found that overweight and obese women who lose weight during pregnancy - safely, with moderate exercise and proper diet - have fewer complications and a lower risk of C-section.

    I plan to keep doing what I'm doing, at a comfortable and not insane pace, whether I get pregnant soon or not. If I do get pregnant, I'll have a healthier pregnancy and birth. If I don't get pregnant right away, I'll increase my chances the closer I get to a healthier weight.

    Hope everyone is having a fertile and fecund day!
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    Thanks for the good wishes and the information about the diet that helped you. That is pretty much the opposite of the way I currently eat (lots of whole grains, dairy, eggs, vegetables, fruit, and beans with very little meat.) So it might be worth trying out, if I am able to eliminate some other possible causes.

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