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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    What kind of diet did you end up following? I don't think I have PCOS, but I'm not sure. Basically, every few months I have an incredibly heavy, incredibly painful period. My husband brought up the haunting possibility that this could be a series of very early miscarriages. So I am trying to figure out if this is even a possibility. I am not opposed to doctors, but they have not tended to be helpful in the past, so I am trying to arm myself w. data ahead of time.

    Our infertility was unexplained, which was very frustrating. Here is a quick run down of how it went: "oh, you're very young, it could still just happen for you! He's fine, you're fine, it should work! Okay, yeah, maybe it's not going to, this has been a long time, huh? Here, we will do this injecting you with blue dye thing- all clear! Still not working? Okay, take these hormones. Oh, those didn't work? Try these fun injectable hormones instead. Okay, you failed all of the hormones. Let's try IVF!" We said no to that, and moved on. But it was such a frustrating, invasive, disempowering time. No one was at all interested in figuring out WHY.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kataklyzm21 View Post
    Another complication I just friend is having a destination wedding next April. If I do not conceive immediately, I will have to delay efforts until September to ensure I am not 8+ months pregnant in her wedding...eek! I really want to relax and try to just go about this casually, but how can I with things like weddings approaching??? I do not want to be the whale in her beach wedding...
    My advice is to not let that stop you. In the end a baby is far more important than a single day as a bridesmaid. Besides, pregnant women are beautiful, even in beach weddings.

    EDIT: Oohhh, you're concerned about traveling when you are so close to your due date? Hm, that would be a little nerve-wracking. :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by alzora View Post
    EDIT: Oohhh, you're concerned about traveling when you are so close to your due date? Hm, that would be a little nerve-wracking. :/
    Yes! My husband said we could drive, but could you imagine that??? An 8+-month preggo woman making a 12+-hour drive to be an uncomfortably large preggo bridesmaid in her friend's beach wedding? For one, we'd probably have to stop every hour so I could pee...we'd never get there! If I can't fly, I am afraid I'd have to pull out of the wedding and I would HATE to disappoint my friend. I am also perpetually one of these people that thinks of others first, putting my own wants last... I can't decide which one would win out here.
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    If you broke up the drive into 2 days, maybe it wouldn't be so bad? We took a trip about 14 hours away when I was 35ish weeks to move our household goods to our new home that we would officially live in after our son's birth, breaking up the trip helped a lot. We stopped often to walk around and I did fine.

    Surely your friend wouldn't be upset. I know I wouldn't be if my friend couldn't come to my wedding (especially for such a fantastic reason). And, this may not be relevant at all but I have had 2 friends hold off ttc because they were going to be bridesmaids but it was a waste -one, because the couple got fed up with wedding planning and went to the courthouse, and the other couple broke off their engagement a couple of months before the wedding. One of these friends has pcos and she was really sad that she wasted those months of trying. I am on the mindset that you should base your timing on what is the best thing for your family and then where the cards fall, figure out how to handle things thoughtfully for others.
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    Kat, I agree with alzora and cygnus, even though it is definitely a dilemma! But I don't think there's any point holding off TTC for a wedding! You could maybe be more relaxed about it during the summer months (e.g. no timing, or not doing it as frequently as you would if you were actively TTC) but I wouldn't actively try to prevent conception. If you do get pregnant this summer, it will be wonderful, and you can figure out the wedding at that point. Pregnant women are beautiful even in huge bridesmaid dresses! The traveling part would be a pain, and perhaps you'd have to pull out of the wedding, but no sense worrying about that now. And I think a good friend would understand your situation.

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