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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Dec 2012
    Hi, everybody!

    I'm on CD8 and have one more Clomid pill to take this cycle.

    Nothing much to report except my temps are higher this month than last month's follicular phase. And I am not having the major emotional symptoms and fatigue I had with the Clomid last month. Which of course worries me, because apparently I'm designed to worry. Symptoms worried me, and now lack of symptoms worry me. Whatever.

    I bought some Pre-seed and I can't wait to try it. :-) I've never had to buy lube before, but Clomid can decrease EWCM, and I didn't really notice any last month. Supposedly this stuff really mimics the natural chemistry of EWCM and is great for moving the little sailors along and nourishing them and whatnot. It was just a tad awkward buying it. Mainly b/c my husband was with me and he was a little embarrassed, I think. LOL. Good times. I've read/heard great things about it, tho. My husband balked at the $20 price tag for a tiny box of lube, but then I reminded him how much he just spent on a tiny box of ammo. :-)

    My fitness journey continues apace. I plan to reprise my 2.5 mile walks as soon as my Vibram Five Fingers toe shoes arrive in the post. I love being barefoot but that's impossible on city streets here, and flip/flops are awkward and uncomfortable to walk in. Enter VFFs! My husband loves his for running.

    I hope everyone is healthy and happy and proceeding with hope. :-)
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    @alzora - I'm really happy you a positive on the OPK! That's a great sign/first step! Keeping my fingers crossed for ya - I feel like good things will happen for you soon.

    @Mrs. H - good luck with the Pre-Seed. I've heard many positive experiences with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tarynkay View Post

    It is weird that I was reading this, since we are not TTC, instead planning to adopt again. I was actually looking for information on ovulation tests, charting, etc- I recently started having extremely painful periods and I have been trying to figure out what is going on before going to the doctor. I don't want to be told to just go on birth control pills, you know?
    I really feel you on that. I quickly figured out too many docs use BC as kind of a hormone Band-Aid. I wanted to treat the underlying problem, but no doctor I saw knew how to tell me to do that. I would say, "I don't want BC, I want to try to fix the problem." And they would just look at me. They acted like I was dumb and annoying, actually.

    I understand there is no cure for PCOS, but even I, with zero college degrees, have been able to ascertain the underlying causative conditions and how to address them. I bled for 18 months almost non-stop, and what stopped it was changing my diet. The doctors I saw suggested BC, and beyond that -- nothing. Oh, except uterine ablation. I saw 3 gynos and 2 GPs over a 5-year period for problems related to PCOS, and I never once heard the words "insulin resistance," "metabolic disorder," or "low-glycemic index diet."

    I am a firm believer in learning on your own. None of the doctors I saw knew how nutrition could help or hinder me. Or if they did, they didn't mention it. The one exception was a NP I saw right before I moved. She was awesome. But by then I had I lost 70 lbs. following a diet that was the exact opposite of the one my doctor recommended. I am not dismissive of the opinions of medical professionals, but I have met some who just simply flat out didn't help me. I did what they said, and it just didn't work. And when I had absolutely nowhere else to turn, I turned to myself, and I improved.

    I wish you all the best!

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    Good for you! Diet and nutrition is such a key component to managing PCOS. It's definitely not the easy way out, but it's the best way to address the underlying issues. Also, I want to high-five you for listening to your body and following your own inner wisdom. Our body's are smarter than we'll ever know.
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    Hi, ladies! Thanks for the warm welcome! I was out of town this weekend, so I'm a bit slow in responding.

    I saw my Endo yesterday and she tried her best to reassure me in terms of my fertility...but I guess I am not easily reassured. Heh. Especially since she said once I go off my chemical BC, my cycles will go back to being irregular (that's 3-4 times a year *sigh*), even though the Metformin should keep me ovulating. Is it possible to ovulate more than once per cycle? I mean...if my cycles are 3-4 months long? This sounds annoyingly complicated. Oh well, at least she confirmed my plans to try seriously for 6 months then see a fertility specialist if it does not happen. After all, I turn 31 in July (joy!).

    Another complication I just friend is having a destination wedding next April. If I do not conceive immediately, I will have to delay efforts until September to ensure I am not 8+ months pregnant in her wedding...eek! I really want to relax and try to just go about this casually, but how can I with things like weddings approaching??? I do not want to be the whale in her beach wedding...
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