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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @megmarie that is so exciting! A million congratulations. I forgot, how long had you been trying?

    @alzora WONDERFUL. That is how it should be done. 614.6 in the house!!! Out of curiosity, did you discuss having a vaginal childbirth? Did she think the repair could hold and it would be possible to try?

    So when is the HSG scheduled!!!!
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    Thanks Blade!!!

    We had been trying since October 2012 but on Clomid since January of this year. Not long at all! I have known about my PCOS issues for 10 years and knew that once we started trying that I was going to be proactive in my approach. With only 3 or so natural periods a year, I wasn't going to sit around and bet on that working.
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    Really happy for you Megmarie!!!! Gives me hope too since I'm starting to go through all this PCOS crap....

    @alzora, wooo hoooo! I'm so glad you found a way to bypass the stupid system and that you're getting your test! Also great that your doc was so encouraging!
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    Yay megmarie!! That is so exciting! :-)

    @ alzora- Yay! Finally someone is working with you instead of against you. Keep us updated on your test! I'm sure they'll use the billing code the doctor gave them. I really hope you don't have any more TIB runaround. I'm going through some more of that right now, though most of it isn't pregnancy related. DH had a procedure that they told us was going to be $140, then we got a bill for $360. We called and asked why, and they said, "Oh, they just gave you an estimate assuming that you had already met your deductible." Our deductible is $5000 and this was done in March. What on earth made them think we would have met that amount yet?! Blah. I hate billing! And trying to get a straight answer is an exercise in futility. So it isn't just you that has these issues :-) It is so annoying. Sounds like you are on the right track now! And it is so nice to have a doctor you like and trust, too. I hope your HSG goes great!
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    Congrats to the newly pregnant berries! Very exciting!!

    Alzora, I'm so glad you finally have a real appointment for your HSG! I hope yours goes well (; So one last stab at TIB, did you know there's an iPhone app just for medical billing that has all those fantastic codes at your fingertips? I think she needs an iTunes gift card, oh never mind it's free. Okay that's all.

    To the ladies dealing with PCOS, I feel for you. What I love about this thread is that no one has yet used the term cycle cysters. Please let's keep it that way! I saw that on another forum and just about died.

    If anyone has any tips on how to save money or how to live frugally, i'm all ears. We've done really well with cutting out all fast food, all Starbucks, all dining out, etc. But we need to save more and more. We kind of suck at couponing since there's never really coupons on chicken and vegetables, but it is definitely saves money to buy wine in bulk and we've been doing plenty of that (;

    Cheers ladies! xPoppy
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