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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Dec 2012
    Blade - word on the Metformin. Was really stoked to start taking it and incredibly bummed that I reacted so badly. I thought I was dying, for real. I drove myself to the ER. It was horrible and scary. I still have no idea what caused my reaction. They checked me for acidosis but that wasn't it. But they told me to stop taking it. That's all I know. Also - I can't wait to observe the name-picking process for the theoretical Theophane and Curveball. Good times.

    Nowakasia - Definitely rooting for you. :-)

    It looks like we might be moving back to Texas. I am excited. It depends on some things, tho. My husband's job is going away in Oct. The post where he works is more or less closing. He is exploring both military and civilian options, but we're looking at Texas and I am beyond happy at the very thought of being near my family again.

    Btw - anybody else a little annoyed at having to plan things around ovulation? I can't wait to go visit my family - havent seen them in months - but I don't want to travel before I ovulate b/c I could delay it, and I can't travel during days 10-20 for obvious reasons, which means I have to wait til I ovulate - after the 9th - to road trip. Annoying!

    Today is CD3 for me. The first two days were really heavy and very very very crampy. Quite an intense couple days. Lots of lying in bed with a heating pad. Today is waaaay better. I am not looking forward to taking Clomid again. Between the side effects of the pills and ovulation and PMS, I had like 5 days this cycle where I felt anywhere near "good."

    I just bought Power 90, tho, and starting next week I am gonna KICK MY OWN ASS every day until I am an American Gladiator who feels no pain and cannot be bothered with pesky mortal woes.

    Baby dust, betches.

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    @Grecianern, great to hear that your husband is finally excited about this! Here is the link that Cygnus posted for plastic cups:

    @Rollo, thank you for your kind words. It's always good to hear a TTC story that has a happy ending. I was told by the gynecologist who operated on me that my body should be as healed now as it is going to get. We'll see...maybe with some time, I will end up conceiving. I hope you are feeling well these days!

    @MrsH, is your husband not deploying in August anymore? I do hope you can go home to Texas...and I hope you can sneak a road trip in around ovulation. Can't say I've had any trouble planning life around ovulation, because all my husband and I really do is sit at home and watch Andy Griffith and Little House on the Prairie, and if we were not TTC we would still be sitting at home with Andy and the Ingalls family. My husband was scheduled to be in a wedding in Iowa in May, and I gave him the "Woe-unto-you-if-that-falls-on-my-fertile-days" speech, but plans shifted anyway and he was released from his duties. Apart from that, we do nothing adventurous enough that would prohibit us from intimacy at any given time. I'll just be glad when we can stop having obligatory intimacy and start being spontaneous and carefree about it. My husband will be glad too. I'm neurotic enough as it is. This TTC thing just takes me right over the top. What a number that does on my dear husband. "These are times that try men's souls...."

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    @Megmarie – Congratulations!
    @Violetink - I'm sorry to hear that your town has experience tragedy this week. I hope you and your family are okay.
    @Blade – love the twin names, especially Curveball!
    @Missmargot – welcome to the TTC thread! I'm sorry about your loss, and I hope you get good news soon
    @Grecianern – Glad to hear that your hubby's back on the baby making wagon!
    @MrsH - good luck this month, with Power90 and second round of Clomid

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    Hi ladies,
    I've been following along your ttc thread, sending silent thoughts/prayers/baby dust to all of you for months now, but especially to those who've been having a hard time...Alzora, grecianern, missusaytch, poppy, etc. Good luck to you ladies with PCOS and trying clomid. My mom has pcos, took clomid, and had me. They weren't able to conceive again, even with clomid, but I have 4 sibs who were adopted. My mom jokes about how taking clomid resulted in only one baby, but with the first adoption, they got twins!

    Anyway, I just wanted to say good luck! I sincerely hope that you all get through your ttc journeys, some more difficult than others, and come out the other side with a healthy, bouncing bundle of joy...or two...!

    @Blade-Congrats! (I also like Curveball, but I hope you've only got one little bean in there, since Curveball is a bit impractical for everyday use.)

    @Megmarie-When I got pregnant with Veda, I tested the night before my period was due, since there was no sign of it coming (usually backache). The line was so faint! Same again the next morning. I went to the store that afternoon, and all they had were the expensive digital ones. I got a NEG when I tested the next day (period 1-2 days late). Waited 2 agonizing days to test again, and finally got a POS. A faint line, is still a line-congrats!
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    @megmarie - Maybe a bit premature, but congratulations! A faint line is still a line

    For all those experiencing hardship, I'm thinking of you xx.
    ~ Violet Elizabeth Rose ~


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