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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by alzora View Post
    Another person said that there are several other coding options, such as a code for blocked tubes, and I forget what else because that was the only one that looked relevant to me. Again, this is all new to me so I have no idea who is right or what my options are.

    But do they find other adhesions, like the bowel adhesions that you mentioned? I'm not worried about those--no symptoms of anything--but like, are there other sorts of tests that could detect tube-strangling adhesions, or is an HSG the one and only?

    And hey, Blade...what are you thinking of naming Théophane's twin? :P Again, congratulations...I wish you a healthy and easy pregnancy with only the number of babies that would make you happiest.
    OK alzora, because I like you so much, I will ignore the fact that the ICD-9 is the equivalent of a bottle of red wine and a handful of Quaaludes....

    1) Given that HSGs are indicated for a wide variety of problems, there have to be numerous primary codes they're billed under. Like intraabdominal adhesions (which I think is better than pelvic adhesions, as those are often post-infective following pelvic inflammatory disease. Intra-abdominal adhesions specifically are subcoded as postoperative and post-traumatic).

    The code for female infertilty of tubal origin is separate:

    2) in the absence of symptoms, don't worry about small bowel adhesions. There are lots of fun tests, including plain old Xrays if you're blocked up, an Upper GI with Small Bowel follow-through (you swallow a bottle of barium and the radiologists take pictures for a few hours), and in very bad cases, CT with triple contrast (oral, IV, rectal-- yes, the poor nurse squirts a syringe of contrast up your bum). Best of all is a simple laparoscopy.

    3) Twin names I'm mulling over: Excess, Unnecessary, Wrenchintheworks, LifestyleAdjustment, or perhaps Curveball.
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    @Blade, yes you're right about it only being a preliminary diagnosis for now. I definately have the polycystic ovaries and the wacky cycles, but we'll see what the rest of the bloodwork shows. PCOS is really a broad umbrella for a variety of symptoms.

    BTW love your twin names.... haha

    @alzora, you're right, this thread is really great and supportive. Who could have imagined all of these positives being announced, medical situations discussed, not so positive news being announced, etc. when you first started it???
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    Hi I'm a Nameberry newbie and would like to join in on the TTC chat if that's ok? I almost started posting back in February but got a BFP straight away then sadly had a mc two weeks later. So, here I am again back on the TTC trail, in the two week wait period at the moment and over analysing every twinge and imagining I feel like I did last time. Trying to hold off testing until I'm a few days late but feeling very impatient

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    blade- No. I live in a town that is a bit smaller and much more northeast. The tragedies in my town are on a much smaller scale. Just a lot of senseless death.
    Nice twin names by the way, I’m quite partial to Curveball.

    missmargot- Welcome to the thread! I'm very sorry to hear about your mc. I hope that you're doing much better now and don't worry, we are all overly obsessive when it comes to twinges and would-be symtoms
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    @Nowakasia, thanks, but I only started the thread because someone else's TTC 2012 thread had expired. Someone was going to start it sooner or later. But yes, it has been quite an adventure on this board, hasn't it!

    @Missmargot, welcome to our ranks. I'm so sorry to hear of your recent miscarriage. Best wishes as you move forward. The two-week wait is bittersweet, isn't it? So much hope during that time frame, but so much fear. I hope your outcome is a happy one!

    @Blade, you are like a wizard. You make everything okay. I bookmarked those links you included there, and very much appreciate your finding them for me. They are Greek to me, but I suspect they will come in handy in the coming days as I carry on discussions with various people. Your twin names are perfect. So perfect that I'm rooting for quintuplets for you so that you can use all of them.

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