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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Thanks for cheering me up a bit, Blade. I've been pretty down this morning. I just sent a Facebook message to a family friend who works in medical billing. Why did I not think of talking to her sooner...she is the paternal grandmother of my little sister's baby. I also did some Googling and found that many other women have the same problem with HSG billing. Some people are saying that the HSG test can only ever be billed under a code of infertility. Another person said that there are several other coding options, such as a code for blocked tubes, and I forget what else because that was the only one that looked relevant to me. Again, this is all new to me so I have no idea who is right or what my options are.

    But do they find other adhesions, like the bowel adhesions that you mentioned? I'm not worried about those--no symptoms of anything--but like, are there other sorts of tests that could detect tube-strangling adhesions, or is an HSG the one and only?

    And hey, Blade...what are you thinking of naming Théophane's twin? :P Again, congratulations...I wish you a healthy and easy pregnancy with only the number of babies that would make you happiest.

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    BLADE! Congratulations! So so happy for you!

    So...I took a pregnancy test this morning because, I have to face it, I am one of those people who HAVE to test every month. Well, there was the faintest positive that you could imagine. I am trying not to get too excited but out of all the times I have ever tested, I have NEVER had any resemblance to a second line appear!!!! But it is so faint that I can't count it as a real positive so my fingers are super crossed for a darker line tomorrow!

    Alzora, I just want you to know that I am praying for you. I cannot imagine what you're going through and how strong you must be because of it.
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    Congratulations blade!

    And megmarie, a faint positive is still a positive...wishing you a clearer test tomorrow and congratulations!
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    AHHHHHH Blade!! So stoked for you! Is it selfish for me to be happy that you and I are going to be delivering right around the same time? You are such a fountain of knowledge, you really do so much to help the women on this board, thanks for all of your insight and advice. Winter babies abound!

    Megmarie, I hope that line is clear as a bell the next time you test. The first one I took, there was no mistaking that BFP.
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    Andieta - she is. :-)

    Alzora - hang in there, man. This is just the beginning of your journey. You're gonna have the family you want and deserve, and those kids are going to be very lucky. I'm pulling for you.

    Nowakasia - PCOS affects different women so differently. My experience with PCOS will not be yours - and thank God for that. :-)

    I'm not gonna share my long and (literally) bloody saga here. I would say that usually insulin resistance is the root problem and a paleo or primal diet that is naturally lower in carbs and sugar and grain free will probably help you a lot. It helped me immensely. I can tell almost immediately when I start eating badly.

    Metformin helps a lot of women with insulin resistance. I had a bad reaction to it though. Ended up in ER.

    My doc recommended ovarian drilling before I started Clomid. From what I can tell this is not common and quite aggressive. He felt my ovaries were too cystic to respond well to the Clomid without having some of the mass reduced first. He thought we might get similar results with six months of BC pills. But I am impatient and I do not like BC. So I did the drilling. Great results. Minor surgery. And he was able to see that my uterus looked good, and tubes were shown to be great using a dye test.

    I am starting second cycle of the lowest normally prescribed dose - 50 mg - of Clomid because it made me ovulate the first month. I have heard that weight loss helps. I lost 70 lbs and noticed a difference in cycle regularity but it didn't make me ovulate, at least not that I know of. Then again some people with Pcos are normal weight.

    If you have weight to lose I strongly suggest a paleo-like diet and exercise. I'd read up on Metformin and decide if you want to talk to yr doc about it. If you have symptoms of hypothyroid I'd get that checked too. Seems to be related sometimes. And if you have the symptoms I'd see an endo because they test a little deeper. I was told for years my thyroid was fine and it wasn't.

    PCOS comes in lots of different packages. Some suck more than others. I can't stress enough the importance of charting. Your body is like a computer spitting out data for you to collect and you and your doctor to interpret. Te book Taking Charge of Your Fertility taught me how to chart and the site Countdown to Pregnancy made it very easy.

    If you have specific questions feel free to message me. Good luck. :-)
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