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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Congratulations, Blade! How exciting!

    Wishing tiny little babies upon the rest of you!
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Congratulations blade! Awesome news!!

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    Also @alzora the operation to remove adhesions, called adhesiolysis, is covered under insurance if you are having symptoms. If you have intermittent abdominal pain with nausea, very bad constipation, and bloating those are common symptoms of adhesions on the large and small bowel.

    And if you want to be proactive, start looking at other fertility specialists in the area. TIB doesn't work for all of them, so you might get a reasonable biller/coder who codes this properly and won't diagnose you with infertility before you've even had your workup, and therefore you can get your HSG.

    Thanks all for the well wishes.
    Blade, MD

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    @gracianern, I have many pregnant friends and family and am happy to be an auntie again, without any negative feelings about not having a baby myself... but today I understand. I went to hospital for my backpains and was put on the O.R. waiting list (6-8 weeks). My clearly PREGNANT doctor told me I should not TTC until I get the procedure done, and I felt sooo angry at her. She is a great friendly doctor and who knows maybe TTC took forever for her, feeling anger and frustration towards her is so irrational. Anyways I can now reassure you (and myself ) that it's perfectly normal to feel this way.

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    Congratulations Blade! That's wonderful news!

    And a big thank you to everyone for their support. I'm still reeling a little bit the day after, but I'm ready to face whatever comes. I know it will be good for me to make some diet/fitness changes, but I have to say that despite the cysts and the crazy periods, I really don't have other typical PCOS symptoms.

    Thanks again to all!
    Expecting boy #2 this summer

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