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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Grecianern - don't beat yourself up - you need to be kind to yourself right now. It is completely normal to feel angry at the universe for how bloody unfair life is. You are not being selfish, you are just dealing with disappointed hopes. I have had so many friends who have had multiple miscarriages and then gone on to have healthy babies.
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    @nowakasia- If you had to go to the infertility store and pick a problem, PCOS would be the one to pick. It is actually pretty easily helped with inexpensive meds. So long as you don't have any other problems, you won't need any surgery, and shouldn't even need IVF.[/QUOTE]

    I like this analogy

    @nowakasia: One other thing is that you also have other non-medicated options you can try before Clomid. Clomid is not always well tolerated by many women. There are diet and lifestyle modifications you can opt to try first, or at least in conjunction with the meds. And like whit32 said, PCOS does affect you beyond fertility. It is a systemic condition that can have lifelong ramifications, BUT it can be well managed quite easily, too. Whatever you choose to do, you'll make the right choice for yourself. Now that you have the information, half the battle is won. Knowledge about your body and health is empowering, and you know what direction you need to take to get your body geared up to conceive. I know it's frustrating to get news that things are a bit "off" in your endocrine system, but your body is NOT broken, and you will get pregnant and get your baby.

    Good luck. I can point you in the direction of nutritional and lifestyle tips if you're interested. Just message me.

    Congrats, @blade. How exciting!

    edit: oops, my quote didn't quite work
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    Blade- Congrats! Awesome news!
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    Congratulations Blade!

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    Théophane's on the way!!!!! Congratulations, Blade!!!

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