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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Aw, @Sarah, that sucks. I'm sorry that your first try was a disappointment. I sobbed like a baby my first failed month--and most subsequent months--but this past month I held it together because I guess I got used to it. But there's a decent chance that you won't have to experience any more such months. Here's to the next cycle.

    @Tvland, good luck with the Clomid!

    @khaatje, that is so frustrating! I hope things start moving along for you so you can get that baby.

    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    I literally couldn't fathom wanting twins+ with all their complications-- like not sleeping for a year. I'm looking for that googly-eyed smiley. I think that's the one.
    Buuuut, you are a doctor, with an intense doctor's schedule, so I can see where that would complicate some things for you. I've chosen to take on quite a stereotypical gender role (chosen, I say...chosen ), and my part-time write-for-a-weekly-small-town-paper-from-home-on-my-own-time lifestyle has room for a few challenges like screaming twins. (I was going to be a professor, I really was...but when the accident happened and subsequent student loan problems happened, I reevaluated things and dropped out of my creative writing graduate program and am happier at this stage of life than I've ever been. I can't imagine having a career at this point, because I truly just want to run my house; it is fulfilling for me.)

    @MrsH, your mom is kind of my hero! I can't imagine being left alone in such a state. My mom's adventure with twins was a piece of cake compared to that.

    @r_j, thank you so much for sharing your experience! Very helpful. I think that starting today my husband and I will try to hit every other day until I get a positive. That way we're covered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alzora View Post
    Welcome to our exclusive club, Shadowspirit! I guess I shouldn't be giving any TTC suggestions, given that I have not yet had success in that area, but my husband and I have stopped using all lubricants except Pre-Seed, which is supposedly sperm-friendly. Best of luck to you!
    LOL, thanks. I have not heard of Pre-Seed (looked it up on Amazon) so I'll be sure to get some in August so we're ready in September.
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    @Mrs. H - you are hilarious! And Bravo to your Mom. She sounds amazing. And your Stepdad too. Sounds like you have a great family.

    So... at 10:15 last night, we all got a text msg from our daycare announcing that she is pregnant and having complications (spotting.) First, we go to an amazing in-home daycare run by educators. Secondly, her youngest is 13. They had been talking about babies, since her husband didn't have any biological children, but seemed against it. So... she literally went off birth control and conceived the next cycle. So, ultrasound this morning shows that everything is perfect. Baby is measuring exactly right and a heartbeat of 180.

    I am so happy and relieved for them. Last night I focused on them not losing their baby. But today? Now that everything is ok... I am just so selfishly miserable. I didn't sleep well, so that isn't helping. But I can't help it, I am surrounded by happy pregnant people, everywhere. Discounting here, I have 3 new babies in my life, and 7 more on the way before Fall. It's overwhelming. I am so emotional today.
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    @sarahmezz, sorry it didn't happen that first month. I know what a let down that can be. I'll keep my fingers crossed for success next month!

    About the multiples discussion.... I am definitely one of those people that would love to have twins. I know it's crazy and a ton of work, not to mention possible complications with the pregnancy.... BUT I do love me some babies and the thought of two at once just sounds so sweet. Not to mention the fun of naming 2 babies!

    So I was telling my sister about my doctor's visit last week and how she mentioned that eventually she might put me on Clomid depending on what my ultrasound and labs show. Well my sister (who just started TTC and is probably pregnant right now knowing her good luck) made a crack about me letting her take my Clomid so she could have an increased chance of twins.... She was totally joking but just goes to show that there are a lot of people that would LOVE multiples.

    Finally, changing the topic, I am going in for my SIS ultrasound later today. Had my Day 3 labs done yesterday (even though it was Day 4). I like feeling that things are moving forward. I'm feeling somewhat more optimistic but we'll see what all these tests show!
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    Good luck today nowakasia, hope things keep moving in the baby direction

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