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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    missusaytch Guest
    Tvland, good luck with the Clomid! The side effects were not awesome for me but the results were worth it. Ovulating was amazing. I mean, it hurt for days, but I'm so glad I did it, ha! And here I go again. Starting second cycle of 50 mg. as they say in Mortal Kombat - round two, FIGHT! :-D

    I felt everything really intensely, physically and emotionally this cycle. I am having my first Clomid period right now and it has been accompanied by the kind of cramps that make you go, "Ummmm, am I okay? Is this cool?" Codeine on board and still debilitating.

    But I ovulated. You know? So it's totally cool. :-)

    I hope it works for you. Praying it does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by missusaytch View Post
    @Blade, and I totally understand everything you just said. I absolutely expected her to have to refer me to the doc or even have me make an appt. But I did not expect her to tell me I didn't need the progesterone without checking with the doc - which is exactly what she did. Maybe she's right and I'm wrong. But I don't think so. And I'm gonna need to hear that from the doc, not from her, especially since she seemed for all the world like she didn't know what I was telling her.
    Here you are 100% correct. It is absolutely not within the scope of her license or training to "prescribe" treatments or make a diagnosis, as she essentially did [treatment being nothing.]

    It's funny because our nurses in the surgical outpatient clinic are exactly the opposite. They are wonderful and some are quite seasoned, but when patients call with concerns they page for anything out of the ordinary. Like, sometimes comically. I think it's definitely a difference in the patient population... surgery patients tend to minimize their symptoms (especially men) and the nurses feel their role is to emphasize how right they were to call and page the MD. OB and infertility patients are usually otherwise healthy women who are anxiously invested in the outcome, so the nurses probably feel their default role is to soothe and reassure.

    When I was at my first OB apptmt checking out the nubbins that would become Antoine, I watched the sono eagerly. My OB said "looks like you have a perfectly healthy singleton, good cardiac motion."

    I said "oh thank God!"

    She said "yes, wonderful news, viable pregnancy."

    I said "no, thank God it's a singleton!"

    And she laughed and said "you'd be surprised how many women start weeping with disappointment when they see there's only one."

    I stared at her dumbfounded. I literally couldn't fathom wanting twins+ with all their complications-- like not sleeping for a year. I'm looking for that googly-eyed smiley. I think that's the one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    I stared at her dumbfounded. I literally couldn't fathom wanting twins+ with all their complications-- like not sleeping for a year. I'm looking for that googly-eyed smiley. I think that's the one.
    I'm with you there, Blade

    And an update for those of you waiting on the edge of your's all over for me this month. I'm out. Time to kick back with a glass of wine. Hopefully some others are luckier than me!
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    @MrsH how annoying, you did good sticking up for yourself, I'm sure a lot of women would just take her word for it, classic case of TIBs.
    And twins?! Oh please no, my back is killing me with no baby, I can't imagine carrying two baby's for nine months + 2 years. But no reason to worry about twins, still no sign of hormonal activity.

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    Hi all,

    @alzora, I've been peeking in at this thread every once in a while, and I just wanted to share my experience with OPKs. I would definitely do an afternoon test, if you can swing it, and aim for four hours since you last urinated. But, around when you think you may be ovulating, two tests a day can't hurt, so you can be sure to catch the surge. My control line was always solid and dark, and my test line was maddeningly light for a few cycles (my body is getting back to normal after Depo.) I would seriously BEG it to get darker! Some women have their test light get darker and darker until it matches the control line. Then it's good to go. That didn't happen to me. It was light one day and then BAM, definitely darker than the control line.

    The best time to have sex though is before it turns positive, since the egg may be released as little as 12 hours after the positive and you want the egg to be greeted by awaiting sperm. So, keep doing what you're doing as far as monitoring other fertility signs. I noticed changes in CM, we had sex accordingly, the OPK turned positive, and I considered that more like a bonus sign. I didn't rely solely on the OPK, in other words.

    Unless I'm mistaken, the positive OPK does not necessarily mean you will ovulate. It means your LH is surging and the egg will probably be released in 12-48 hours.

    I liked taking the tests, strange as it sounds. It was all mental--giving me something to do and "control." I wish there was a test I could do during the TWW!

    Good luck to all of you! I couldn't imagine better parents!
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