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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    @alzora I would weep for 40 straight weeks if I found out I was having multiples.
    Lol! My mom was initially told she was having triplets. She got angry and told the doctors no repeatedly. I guess that made twins seem not so bad.

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    Multiples? I don't think so! My aunt has triplets and I think I'd have to leave home if that happened to me! Actually, I think I'd be too worried about things going wrong, delivering early, etc. I'll be very happy with just one!

    Update: AF due today. No sign and I'm feeling a lot less crampy than I usually do, so...not sure what's up. I had a negative pregnancy test at 12DPO (two days ago) and was feeling pre-menstrual, so convinced myself it's all over for this month. I'll keep ya posted...
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    @Blade, and I totally understand everything you just said. I absolutely expected her to have to refer me to the doc or even have me make an appt. But I did not expect her to tell me I didn't need the progesterone without checking with the doc - which is exactly what she did. Maybe she's right and I'm wrong. But I don't think so. And I'm gonna need to hear that from the doc, not from her, especially since she seemed for all the world like she didn't know what I was telling her.

    Maybe I'm being sensitive but I am going thru so f'king much to get pregnant and I really don't like having legit concerns dismissed like that. I know the general public is often misinformed and dumb but dammit I am not. LOL.

    I can't even explain why this bothers me so much. But anyway. Moving on.

    About twins: My mom got pregnant with twins accidentally. She was on BC at the time. When her boyfriend found out, he split. Never saw him again. My mom was 27, with an eight year old, a seven year old, no high school diploma and a 60-hour a week job managing an ice cream shop. And pregnant with twins.

    A few months later, her ex-husband, mine and my brother's father, stopped paying child support and disappeared for five years. So she was ALONE. Had some help from my grandparents, but my grandma interspersed the helping with screaming and calling her a whore. I was old enough to be aware of a lot of it.

    Now the twins are 25 and one of them has a 3 year old daughter. Some of those years were really hard but we all made it. When the twins were 4 my mom married a great guy who adopted them.

    They never slept tho. LOL. I mean almost literally never. They - and Mom - slept in two hour spurts for a year. And they didn't eat. I had to stand on my head and make them laugh long enough for her to shovel food in. But they were beautiful and perfect and happy. Just awesome babies. A beautiful accident. They are still great. The world is a better place with them in it.

    Whenever people talk about twins being hard I think of my mom. If she could do it anyone can.

    She's now in her early 50s and goes to bed at 9:00 every night. When we make fun of her she says she's still catching up from when Eric and Cody were babies. :-)
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    Hi all! It looks like I have a lot to catch up on! @poppy, I'm so sorry about your HSG. Hopefully the rest of the tests will go ok and you can move forward with your options. @alzora thanks for putting things in perspective. @missusaytch I'm about to be in your boat...I, starting my first dose of Clomid tomorrow and I'm a little concerned with the side effects. My HSG and husbands sperm were normal, but my day 3 labs weren't, so I'm hoping the Clomid will help us out. Good luck everyone, hopefully we will have lots more BFPs this month!

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    @tvland, I just got my Day 3 labs done today. I wonder how they turned out... Did you also do labs on Day 21?
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