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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @alzora- I would go ahead and start testing now. You aren't going to run out of test strips any time soon (unless you keep snacking on them Plus, you don't want to miss an early ovulation. Remember that the tests read positive 2 days before you ovulate, so if you ovulate on day 11, you would get the positive on day 9. My doctor has had me test my entire cycle once, just to see if my ovulation was at a weird time.
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    I took a HPT yesterday (12DPO) and it's negative, so I'm just waiting for AF to arrive before trying again next month. But it's okay because I've conjured up some good reasons why it's better for us to conceive next month - including being able to tell my parents in person!

    @rowangreeneyes - I didn't think you guys were TTC yet?

    @alzora - I think I'm going to test for ovulation next month, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by missusaytch View Post
    Idk. Blah. Tired of thinking about. Why can't I just drink white zinfandel and get pregnant accidentally like all the slutty girls in high school?
    Totally. I never thought I'd reach the point in life where I was authentically jealous of the pregnant 16-year-old single welfare mums milling around outside McDonalds. Fate is a cruel mistress.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sarahmezz View Post
    @rowangreeneyes - I didn't think you guys were TTC yet?
    We're not. We are currently using the withdrawal method and we had an *oops* last month on hubby's birthday, which happened to be right when I would usually be ovulating. It might of been stress that made my period late...but it is heavier than usual.

    I am following this thread though since I am planning on actively TTC soon. I also just love hearing the happy news when someone gets their positive!
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    Quote Originally Posted by whit32 View Post
    You aren't going to run out of test strips any time soon (unless you keep snacking on them

    I will begin Wondfo testing on Monday (not orally). That will be Day 7. I know it's way early, but I just need something to do. These waits make me crazy. Lol. No they don't. I am already crazy, but these waits exacerbate my symptoms.

    So today my husband visited his mom and brought home his baby album, with photos from birth to three. I have known that boy for four and a half years...why am I just now seeing all these priceless photos of a little (blond??) curly-haired Jase in adorable little tiny bathrobes and slippers and cute things? He will pass on beautiful (though unfortunately recessive) genes if we can ever bring this baby to fruition. How many of you look at your SO's baby pictures and try to decide which of your names will work best on a child that looks like Daddy? It's too bad my husband has really taken to my latest name idea of Opie, inspired by the Andy Griffith Show, because I looked at those pictures and said how cute our son will be, and he said something about our little Opie and I'm like, "Hun, you were gorgeous but you're just not an Opie." Opies don't have blond curls. And they don't have slippers...they have bare feet and carry fishing poles. But it's cute that he likes it, so maybe our Opie can be a curly one. ...Look at me being all name-crazy and it's not even the two-week wait...this doesn't happen most months.

    @velvetcrush, adoption has been my longest-standing dream. Specifically international adoption. I've wanted that far longer than I've wanted a biological baby. This biological baby thing is relatively new for me; I just began wanting one like since I graduated from college. I do take comfort in the idea that we can still be parents even if the child is not genetically related to us. Thank you for the encouraging reminder.

    @Mrs H, I hope you're wrong about your suspicion of not being pregnant this month, but even if your inclination turns out to be correct, it is only the first attempt since your procedure, and it is still only April. Stay positive!

    @Sarah, I'm sorry about your disappointment this month. But good for you to keep your chin up.

    Shout-out to Blade...weren't you in your two-week wait?
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