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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @missusaytch, I do not track bbt because it is not very helpful for me. I follow the instructions but my temperature always seems to be all over the place. I do, however, track cervical fluid. I have done some research and it has been really helpful in my sanity. But for this round, my cm was starting to dry up by the time I got my positive tests. I also feel my cervix and that also helps me. What is so confusing is that it doesn't add up. But don't worry, I make we are enjoying ourselves for both instances thanks for the book recommendation...I will definitely look it up and give the purchase some thought!

    @alzora please please PLEASE don't base your decision on my previous post. My doctor noted that what is happening to me is super weird and that most of the time the ovulation tests are spot on. I think that you will love using them, to be truthful.
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    LOL. Just pulled out the directions that came with my Wondfo ovulation tests. "PRECAUTIONS: This kit is for external use only. Do not swallow." It's really too bad that I read that after eating my first Wondfo cookie. Stay tuned....

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    I second Taking Charge of Your Fertility, I found it very helpful and informative.

    Alzora, I am so glad you are okay, I can't imagine going through all that you did but you are obviously incredibly tough. I really admire your outlook, plus, your wondfo cookie comment made me choke on my iced chai .

    This is our first month to strategically ttc (meaning actually planning around ovulation and not just hoping for good luck). Eep! Also, ughhhh waiting game. Anyway, I hope we all get bfps soon! And HUGE HOORAY for those that already have!!!
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    Hi guys :-) I'm Allie. I figured I'd officially come and say hello. I've been a member of the site for quite a while and use the naming forums often. Hubby and I are TTC the first time this month. I'm 6DPO and hoping for good news soon. :-)
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    Hi Allie! Welcome to the TTC thread, and good luck!

    As to the rest of you, I really have no advice or stories, but I am thinking of all of you - I am wishing you all BFPs, healthy pregnancies, and fast TWWs!

    Happy Weekend! xo

    - Andrea
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