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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @poppy, I'm so sorry to hear about the stuff you're going through. It must be so hard =( keep us posted on your updates we will all be thinking about you!
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    Thank you for the update, Poppy. I really hope there is something they can do for you. You will stay in all of our thoughts,
    I'm sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by poppy528 View Post
    Tubes are completely dialated meaning they are just big floppy garden hoses full of water and mucky gunk. One side had complete occlusion, and the other showed minimal spilling of the contrast media.
    I don't understand what this means. How did the fluid get inside of them? Why doesn't it just flow out? Where does the dye go after the if the dye comes out, shouldn't the fluid come out too? What did your past surgeries do to cause this? I really am sorry that you are facing this, Poppy. You were on my mind all night. Which test do you have scheduled next, and when? How are you feeling today about things?

    I thought I'd share with you guys a photo of my own reason for possibly having tubal problems and needing the test. Meet Snippers, my pet incision:
    windows 7 screen shot

    I've said so much about my accident that I thought a visual might be nice. The photo was taken only four months post-accident, and my stripe is now a pearly shade of pale pink. It is eight inches long and was never sewn or stapled. Doctors used something else to close it up--vac something? Blade would know...I think they somehow sucked it shut. They supposedly left it open for three days before even closing it up, according to my family. I don't know if that's true or why they would do that. I was wearing loose T-shirts at the time of the picture because it itched like mad, and even my jeans irritated it and made it bleed but I was tired of dressing like a rehab patient. Today I forget it's even there until my hands brush against it or I wear a bathing suit at the beach or public pools, which is always a hilarious venture that I do just for kicks because I don't even really like swimming.

    But another reason why I posted the pic is because the scar is my reminder. I am in no way diminishing Poppy's pain, and I truly hope that a route is made available to her to have a baby, but I'm speaking for my own undiagnosed situation. Even if I have this test done, and even if I am found to be entirely incapable of bearing children, yes I will be devastated and grieve and hurt for probably a very long time, but there is still so much to live for, and even if I did lose my fertility that day on the table, there was so much else I could have lost, and didn't. When I look at it that way, it doesn't make the fertility question any less frightening, but it does put the whole situation in a different perspective. For three days my life hung in the balance and I almost lost everything, and when I finally became alert I didn't care about any of the long-term effects the injuries would have on me, all I cared about was that my fiance, parents, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, and a million friends were taking turns beside my bed so I was never alone, and I asked my nurses to turn my bed around so I could face the window and I noticed that the sky was bluer than I had remembered, and when I finally got outside the air smelled fresher than I had ever noticed, and when I finally was able to use my legs and relearn to walk by hobbling back and forth along my couch and falling into the cushions over and over and over, I felt more nimble and accomplished than an Olympic gymnist, because when you realize what you stand to lose, you see in a new way how much you actually have worth holding onto. My scar reminds me of that. And I'll still fight for that baby, and I hope Poppy does too, but in the end if the result is anything less than what we had dreamed of, I hope we are still able to see and appreciate how much we do have still worth celebrating.

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    Alzora, I am sitting at my desk at work blubbering over your latest post. Thank you for putting life into perspective for me today, I totally needed it. I cannot imagine what you have gone through and what Poppy is going through right now, and today I will choose to be happy and love my life. I believe everything happens for a reason and if a baby is planned for my future, then I too will be so blessed to have that experience. But even if I don't, I know I will be blessed in other ways.

    I have been down this week so this really was what I needed to read. Thank you.
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    @alzora- Wow, your story, and your scar, are incredible! It is amazing what you've come through! Thank you for sharing. It is good for everyone to get a little perspective from time to time. We tend to get worked up over the little things sometimes, and it's nice to take a step back and be thankful for all that we do have.

    @poppy- I'm so sorry about your test results! You must be feeling completely crushed right now. The *tiny* amount of good news is that now you know what the problem is. Now you can move forward with treatment plans, and hopefully find something that will work for y'all. You will be in my prayers! I hope you are feeling a little better/more hopeful today. It takes a while to work through your feelings after getting that kind of a sucker punch. We're all here for you! Please keep us updated!
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