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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @Poppy - I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope you're able to move on to IVF or another route to get yourself that beautiful baby. All our thoughts are with you right now xx.
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    Oh, Poppy, I'm so sorry. You poor wee thing. Thinking of you. xox

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    @khaatje I am copying and pasting some information I gave another member who was worried about parvovirus:

    If your SIL had parvovirus as a child (fifth disease, as you noted), she is likely immune. More than 50% of the population is. She should have bloodwork to check for the long-term "memory" antibody against the virus, anti-parvovirus B19 IgM.

    If she is not immune, no harm will come to your baby unless you actually contract the disease (has she been definitively diagnosed?). Unlike small children, adults don't get the characteristic rash; instead you get flu-like symptoms.

    Even if you actually get sick, only 5% of those who are sick have adverse effects on the baby.

    Now those adverse effects are bad. They include an autoimmune destructive anemia and miscarriage. Which is obviously very scary. But think again of the numbers: starting at a risk of 100, 50 are immune (so chances are 50/100); only a certain percentage get sick (let's assume high, medium, and low-risk scenarios: half get sick-- 25/100; 1/4 get sick: 12/100; 1/10 get sick: 5/100). And then, only 5% of the sick women have problems with their babies: (1.25/100; 6/1000; 2.5/1000). Not terrible!!

    @nowakasia ultrasounds work far better if the thing you're interested in looking at is full of fluid, since the sound waves transmit better and more clearly through fluid than through air or solid structures. It's why obstetric ultrasounds are great-- amniotic fluid. So they will slightly dilate your cervix (something women have varying amounts of pain from), put a stopper in, and inject saline to visualize structures all the better.

    Fibroids are *benign* tumors of the smooth muscle layer of the uterine wall. They can cause menstrual pain, non-menstrual pain, and if you're pregnant and the embryo implants right on top of one, miscarriage. Therefore they are frequently removed in women desiring fertility. Polyps are similar except they form on the outermost layer of the wall, so stick out into the uterine cavity like little fleshy stumps. They're easily nipped with a noose-like device, strangulated and cauterized.

    @alzora-- this are things unrelated to fertility for which an HSG is indicated. I think I might have providentially even listed both yesterday. (Leiomyomas and polyps, right?)

    @andrea-- what I was trying to say is that IVF clinics offer genetic screening so that you can only implant embryos which do not carry the disease of interest (or, in the case of dwarfism and deafness, parents often request that only embryos *with* the disease are implanted. But I digress). Since Klippel-Feil has complex genetics, not a one-gene-one-disease situation, they might not offer it. Or they might, but you wouldn't necessarily be able to interpret a negative result, since many children without the most commonly linked gene still have the disease. As far as taking your chances-- again it's complex. Sometimes K-F is inherited in an autosomally dominant fashion, sometimes recessive, and sometimes it arises de novo without anyone else in the family being affected.

    @rollo-- thinking of you as always. Keep us posted!
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    Thanks for the extra info Blade. I'm not too worried about it, but was just curious.
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    Poppy - is it blocked tubes? I hope it wasn't too painful.
    Sending positive thoughts. Maybe this isn't the end. Don't lose hope!

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