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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @alzora- I agree that Theresa in billing was out of line with her comment. Especially considering she doesn't know anything about your medical history. Maybe I am just really fortunate with my doctor. She is very very thorough. She ordered an HSG for me, even though my problem was obviously that I wasn't ovulating at all. Her reasoning for that was that it didn't make any sense to do any fertility treatments when it was possible that I could have a blockage and we would just waste a lot of time and money. As far as fertility being the only reason for an HSG, it seems like it would still be covered considering your medical history. It could also be very important if you have a partial blockage, which could cause an ectopic pregnancy, which is a life threatening condition not just a fertility issue. I'm just not sure if an HSG can pick up on a partial blockage. The surgical code may just have to do with the fact that you have to go to a radiology lab, and the procedure is somewhat invasive and has to be performed by a doctor. I'm not very familiar with codes. For your final question, it seems like I've heard of people who got pregnant easier after an HSG. They said something about it clearing out the tubes and what not, but I have no idea if that is a medically sound theory.

    Big, Big Congratulations violetindigo!! That is so exciting! My positive wondfo test started out very faint too. I tested daily for a few days till it got darker and I was able to get in to the doctor :-)

    Good luck with your HSG poppy! I hope it all comes out normal!
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    Craaaap, and I let her scare me into cancelling that consultation! Because you know why? See that list of courses you posted? She knows all about all of that stuff, and I don't know anything about it, so when she tells me "this is the code we have to use," I think, "Okay then, that's the code they have to use" and I take her word for it. Okay, here's what I will do. I'll call tomorrow and see if it's possible to reschedule the fertility specialist consultation for sometime next week. I ovulate around the end of next week, so if they can't fit me in that soon, then I'll reschedule it for the beginning of May, on a date after my next period is due, when pregnancy is not in question so I'm not wasting her time and mine. Theresa-in-billing is messing with my head. I do not have patience for Theresa-in-billing's charades.

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    Sending you hugs alzora I understand fragile having been in hospital all this week on a mix of morphine, endone etc Rollo xx

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    @Rollo, are you okay?? What happened? (I don't want to derail the TTC thread, but I do hope you are alright!)
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    Hiya kids.

    BBT stayed up today, which is cool. OHSS symptoms - if that's what it is, who knows? - were really bad y'day. Apparently this is a thing, it goes away and then comes back worse. I had bad cramps and ran to the bathroom all day. Ended up showering and crawling into bed at 10 pm - really early for me. My body felt worn out by then. Oh, and my belly was soooo bloated. My T-shirt was tight as a drum by the end of the day.

    Today I have had some stomach cramping and the bloating is still kinda there. I feel tired and my back hurts. So far that's it for today. Yay!

    Major positive vibeage for all the rest of you. Alzora, I hope your insurance mess gets sorted. Rollo, I hope you feel better v. soon.

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