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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    whit32- Thank you for your kind words! I will definitely look into the Wondfo strips!

    violetindigo- Congratulations on your BFP! Thanks for the advice, I will be checking those out very soon

    alzora- It was very upsetting, but we are both doing better. I ovulated around the 23rd last month and, after taking a test this morning, I found out that I’m ovulating now. Maybe AF will be early this time around? I guess I’ll just have to wait. I may make another appointment with my doctor if it keeps happening. However, since we haven’t yet been trying for a year the only advice I may get is “just keep trying.”
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    I would call back the dr office and ask to speak with the Office Manager. Tell them how horrible the person was to you, and that she is giving out medical advice inappropriately. Tell them you felt bullied and that you don't appreciate these barriers to healthcare. I promise things will run differently if you do. (;

    Violetindego- yayyyy mazel tov! Are you thinking up exciting ways to tell your husband?

    So much traffic on the thread! Too little time to respond to everybody but I love all the posting.
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    Thanks everyone! Still nervous. I'm not going to relax until I get a blaring red line. So far it's still faint, but is darkening. I have taken 3 today so far. Thank goodness for the cheapo tests!

    Alzora- I can't even begin to describe how wrong "Thresa in billing" was. She was so out of line, I would have lost it on her. It is absolutely none of her business what things you have and have not tried. It is certainly not her place to tell you what the doctor may or may not agree to during your consultation. That is between you and the doctor and it is sooo outside of her scope of authority it's not even funny. I completely agree with Poppy528. You should call back and ask to speak to her supervisor, then tell the supervisor what you were told. I would also mention your rude treatment to your doctor. The doctor needs to know that the people paid to represent him/her in billing matters are being unprofessional.

    As far as symptoms go I will tell you what I noticed that was different from every other month.
    *1-2 dpo my boobs were really sore, like sports bra all day sore. They have stayed sore. This never happens until a couple days before AF shows up, so automatically I knew something was off.
    * I definitely had some spotting 9-10dpo, but it was reddish pink, not brown, so that was unusual. Usually I only spot brown before AF. This is what made me test so early.
    * My dogs just had a bath last week but they came in from outside today and they smelled so bad to me that I almost lost my lunch. Although they could have just found something really smelly to roll in. Goodness knows, they can't smell like soap for too long. That just wouldn't be right.

    That's all so far.

    Good luck poppy528 with your HSG. I hope it is over quick and is painless!
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    Quote Originally Posted by poppy528 View Post
    Tomorrow is the HSG OMFG.
    Wow, I didn't know yours was scheduled for so soon! I hope it is quick and painless for you, and I hope they find nothing serious.

    I don't know if I can be so brazen as you suggest with the fertility clinic! I'm sure it would get me better results, but I'm such a softy. The thing is, Theresa was actually very nice for 90% of the conversation, and I really believe she meant well and was trying to look out for me in some way in terms of the costs, but she did make me feel stupid in that one part of the conversation when she basically called into question my desire to go straight to the HSG. You are right that it was unacceptable for her to play doctor. I told her that I was in a car accident, but I don't think she understands the extent of the damage, and frankly it's none of her business anyway.

    As for the diagnostic code, Theresa put it like this. She said that the only reason why a person would ever have an HSG test would be for fertility reasons. Basically it doesn't matter why my tubes may or may not be blocked, and it doesn't matter that it may be accident related; the only reason why I would need even have an HSG to know if they are blocked would be for fertility reasons, not for any vital health reasons. Thus she has to use that code, the one for infertility. That's how I understood it. She made it sound like there is no other code except that code that implies I AM infertile.

    My insurance company said that the procedural code for the HSG test is a surgical procedural code, and the test is labeled as a surgical procedure rather than an exam. What does that mean? I saw things online where people (not medical professionals) said things like, "I conceived a few weeks after the HSG, so glad I went for it!" But isn't that just a test to check for blockages? Does the HSG itself do anything to actually aid conception in any way?

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    @alzora, frankly, Teresa in billing doesn't know sh!t. She's not a doctor. She's not a PA/NP. She's not a nurse. She's not a nurse's aid. She fills out paperwork with medical diagnostic codes. There is training in medical coding and billing, but it's a certificate which can be earned online from places like DeVry or ITT Tech.

    Here is the coursework necessary:

    MBC 201 Medical Billing I 3.00 credits
    MBC 202 Medical Billing II 3.00 credits
    MBC 301 Physician-Based Medical Coding I 3.00 credits
    MBC 302 Physician-Based Medical Coding II 3.00 credits
    MBC 303 Hospital-Based Medical Coding I 3.00 credits
    MBC 304 Hospital-Based Medical Coding II 3.00 credits
    MBC 101 Medical Terminology for Billers and Coders 3.00 credits
    MBC 250 Medical Billing Software 3.00 credits
    MBC 350 Physician-Based Chart Auditing 3.00 credits
    MBC 360 Hospital-Based Case Studies 3.00 credits

    Do you see anything here in anatomy, physiology, histology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, embryology, neuroanatomy, physical examination techniques, internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics, surgery, family practice, neurology, psychiatry, etc etc etc ad nauseum? Medical billers do not touch patients, they do not need to know anything about disease, its presentation, its diagnosis and especially its management. If I found a back office staff member was playing clinician over the phone with a prospective patient I can't tell you how quickly that person would be fired. This isn't like a random person on the internet spouting off, this is an official representative of your doctor advising a patient who is seeking specific *medical* advice.

    Basically she and her colleagues are ossified in their billing practices and don't care to learn enough to change their ways to help patients.

    Incidentally, HSGs diagnose many abnormalities of the female reproductive tract. Anything from a hydrosalpinx to a suspicious mass to a tubo-ovarial abscess; pelvic inflammatory disease; lost IUDs; septic abortion; postoperative evaluation of tubal/uterine anatomy, polyps, leiomyomata, mullerian duct duplication.... so many indications. Seriously, this woman does NOT know anywhere near enough to open her mouth.
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