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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    May 2012
    Welcome to our thread, roseymaam and missusaytch! I wish you both all the best. With the treatments available today, I feel very optimistic for both of you. Keep us posted!

    I'm still in my two week wait, and won't test until next Friday, but I'm fairly certain that Aunt Flo will arrive by Tuesday night at the latest. I have all my usual PMS symptoms. I know they say early pregnancy symptoms are nearly identical to PMS symptoms, but I have all the wrong ones. I'm not fatigued, not queasy, not peeing a lot, areolas are unchanged...I just have the regular old increased appetite and strong irritability that come a few days before my period. :/ I'm already upset! My unexpectedly-pregnant teenage sister has her baby shower next Saturday and my heart hurts. She's due in March and it's killing me. I mean I already love my little unborn niece (but I don't love her name...Sophia boring!), but the circumstances make me angry, bitter, jealous. I do not want to go to her shower with my period.

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    Dude. I know your pain. I promise. I really believe things happen when they're supposed to happen, and when we finally get our bundles of joy we'll be like, "Duh! Of course it had to happen now!"

    You've been through so much and come through it stronger - you will come through this, too!

    I am praying the ultrasound shows minimal cysts and I'm able to just start Clomid. Here's hoping!
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    @missusaytch & megmarie. No offense taken at all and of course you're right. I know I should be going sooner rather than later. It's an insurance thing more than anything else. I just started a new job and my insurance kicks in next month. But also, I'm not sure I'm prepared to find out that I need a lot of medical intervention to get pregnant. You hear such horror stories, you know? Thanks for your concern.
    & Mrs.H, thanks for the book recommendation. I'll check it out.

    Good luck to you both, and everyone here. Let's have a productive 2013!
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    I am getting my IUD out later this year, so there is a chance the conception train will start rolling out of the station, I was just wondering if anyone in here has, or is currently trying to conceive after having an IUD??

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    me. got pregnant 7-10 days after its removal. When they say you have an immediate return of fertility, it's immediate!
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