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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Hello everyone! I have not checked the boards in a couple days and it's been busy! I just needed to tell someone. I got a BFP yesterday on an internet cheapo test. I took another one today and the line is darker. I am so nervous but happy! I haven't told my husband yet as he is out of town and I want to be 100% sure first. You guys are the first to know. I am roughly 12dpo today, so it really is early yet.

    Good luck with everyones doctors appointments. I read through all of the posts and I truly sympathize with anyone that has to wade through the U.S insurance company gauntlet. I have totally been there and I don't envy anyone who has to do it, especially for such a stressful and emotional issue like fertility.

    Congratulations to misslindsaylou! That is awesome news! So happy for you!!!

    violetlink1231- I have been using the Wondfo test strips. I got a batch from a friend at first, but then bought some online. I think they were like $30 for 100 or something like that. They also came with 25 pregnancy tests. Since I have been testing (4 months) my ovulation date has been on a completely different day each month. Usually off by more than a few days too. I just kind of trusted the strips. I tested once a day, but when the line started getting darker I would test 2 or 3 times a day until it was positive. We also did our thing every other day from like CD3 till after the test strips went white again.
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    @violetindigo!!!!! Congratulations! That is such great news and I am so dang happy for you!
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    Congrats to violetindigo, and MrsH! [Btw just to be clear-- I thought it was unusual to increase the dose of Clomid while you're having these symptoms sans ultrasound. But hooray on a great progesterone level. Follicle(s)-- now corpus lutea-- be in there somewhere].

    @alzora-- judging from what you said the remedy is simple. Discuss repeatedly with the specialist that she carefully document the HSG is part of the infertility screen due to your unique medical history. Make sure she writes in her note that you are not diagnosed with infertility. Few doctors do their own billing/coding (thank the great good Lord, because there is nothing that will make you turn to a bottle of scotch more quickly) so their billing/coding dept will likely have set ways of doing things. If all the patients in their practice have been stuck with the bill, it's their fault-- the back office people-- for being lazy and incorrectly coding. If you have the actual codes available to you even better.

    @andrea as Klippel-Feil carries a risk of spina bifida, you might discuss with your OB taking the recommended 4g of folate daily. The normal dose is 400mg for women with no elevated risk of neural tube defects, but the dose increases 10-fold if you do. Also, Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis is offered by all IVF clinics but Klippel-Feil might be difficult to screen for as the genetics are tricky and there's not necessarily one gene that automatically causes the disorder.
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    @violetink, I had one late cycle too, last fall, and my husband and I were both convinced for a few days that I was pregnant. I know how crushing that can be. As for your ovulation time varying, I had read that a woman's luteal phase is usually pretty consistent from month to month--meaning that there is always about the same number of days from ovulation to period. So that confuses me. I got that information from the internet, of course, so don't let it stress you out, but if you talk to your doctor I'd be interested to hear what he or she says about the topic, if you are comfortable sharing.

    @violetindigo, that's SO EXCITING!! Congratulations! Do you feel any symptoms yet? What a fun surprise for when your husband gets home!

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    @Blade, you just gave me hope. Thank you. I had asked Theresa In Billing if there are like any other diagnostic codes they could submit it under (and keep in mind, all this jargon is Greek to me so I actually didn't fully understand what I was even asking), and she kind of sounded robotic, like this is how they do things and that's that, and this is the code they use, period. (Oh and she was like, "Have you even been using ovulation predictor kits?" and I'm like, "Not yet but we are this cycle" and she's like, "So you don't even know if you are ovulating and you think the doctor will agree to this $1,500 test after a single consultation with you" and it made me feel kind of ridiculous when she put it that way. Theresa In Billing frightens me a bit, to be honest.)

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