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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    YAY!!!! That is great news @missusaytch!!!! One step at a time To be truthful, I feel really sh***y as well on Clomid! You are not alone but I agree with the others that some of your symptoms sound out of the ordinary. But for those of us that never really ovulated until recently/medical help, I think like what we feel is accentuated because it is so foreign and new. That's just my two cents, I guess. (I really do think that Clomid makes you feel poorly in general, my point just being that it can get overwhelming because we're not used to it)

    I am VERY excited for you and my fingers are crossed this month!
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    Alzora- Oh that's frustrating!! PA is miserable for fertility treatment coverage. My friend who lives there is trying to figure it out now and I'm only half joking when I tell her she should move to CT where there's a pretty good infertility coverage mandate (for anyone under 40 that is).

    About wondfo...I like the combo packs. I wouldn't start taking pregnancy tests until 10-12 dpo at the earliest, but after that it is nice to be able to test everyday if you think something might be up (knowing you have a huge pack of cheap tests)'s also awesome to watch the line go from "Am I imagining that, maybe?" to a real line over the course of a few days.

    missusaytch, that's awesome news! Half the battle is right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by missusaytch View Post
    She said that's a good level and indicates ovulation. :-))))) I am very very very excited.
    YAY!!! I am celebrating this happy news for you with a bowl of ice cream. Actually I was going to have the ice cream anyway, but now it will be a particularly happy bowl.
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    @lineska, PA is the worst state for EVERYTHING! And I live in what has been called the most corrupt county in the United States. (Meanwhile, in Gotham City....) Ugh. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

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    Oh Alzora, insurance troubles are the bane of my soul, I hope they are able to give you real answers and cover your fees asap!!!

    Missusatych, crossing fingers and toes for you!!!
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