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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @grecianern, if your period doesn't start you can take a medication called provera I think (correct me if I'm wrong ladies). I haven't taken it in a while, so I might have forgotten the exact name. Anyway, you take the pill for 10 days, and then your period starts in 1-2 weeks. They will make you take a home pregnancy test before prescribing it to make sure that pregnancy isn't the reason you haven't started yet. I've had to take provera many times, since my cycles are so irregular. I hope everything works ok, and that AF comes as scheduled so you don't have to do the medication route. It's annoying.
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    @MrsH, author Don Miller wrote in his book Blue Like Jazz, “Sometimes you have to watch somebody love something before you can love it yourself. It is as if they are showing you the way.” I think that's how it is with names. When you have a passion for something--like a particular name that most people find ugly or stupid--I think it's often just a matter of showing people how to love it. I've found that works with my husband. I don't argue with him over names, but I just tell him how much I love any given name, and articulately express to him the beauty that I see in it, and nine times out of ten he ends up saying, "Well when you say it like that...." I don't mean to sound manipulative, I just mean that it is completely possible to show somebody how to love something. If he truly doesn't take to a particular name after I've shown him what I see in it, then I stop pushing it and move on. Perhaps your husband could learn to love your LOTR names the same way a person learns to love new foods or art.

    @grecianern, I can't contribute any information to your question, but I am thinking of you and wishing you well. Hopefully things fall into place quickly.

    My period came today. Surprisingly painless, after a crappy PMS. This was the first TTC cycle that I haven't cried. I'm in strangely good spirits, and am about to order those Wondfo tests, but I need help deciding something. Several of you have talked about using the Wondfo pregnancy tests every morning after ovulation. So I'm trying to decide if I want to order the kit that includes both ovulation and pregnancy tests, or just the ovulation tests. I have only ever taken one pregnancy test in my life, and the negative p---ed me off so now I just wait for AF each month. I have two pregnancy tests left (I think Rite Aid brand?) that I plan to use after a missed period. But I'm seeing how cheap these Wondfo pregnancy tests are, and it's tempting. But will that just drive me more obsessive during the TWW if I am testing every single day? Or will it calm me down? Hmm. Insights before I finalize this order?

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    I like the cheapy wondfo pregnancy tests but I never use them before at least 10 dpo. It is way too easy for me to obsess and go poas crazy since they are so cheap so I make sure to ration them out and stick to when I will test.
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    1,809 maybe I should just order the ovulation tests and stick to the two pregnancy tests I already have?

    Also, my medical records have been received by the fertility clinic! Yay! It was surprisingly only 99 pages, she said. This is a huge relief for me. I'm all set to go to my first consultation on Wednesday. Wish my husband could come. Should he be there? Should I see if he can get off work? I hadn't really thought of that until now. I'm the one who needs the HSG, you know? It's at 10:30 in the morning, so inconvenient with his work schedule. But I do hate driving myself into town. Hmm...big decision #2.

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    Very well put, Alzora! I wish that worked with my husband. Hahaaaa!

    I keep seeing WondFo but idk what that means. Have to google. Meanwhile, why would you start testing immediately after ov? I'm sure there's some fancy reason I am not aware of, heh. But I don't know what it would be since implantation happens 6 DPO at the very earliest, usually closer to day 9-12.

    Just back from doc. Should have blood test results in a few hours. So nervous.

    I did some research on Clomid protocol and supposedly it's pretty standard to not do an ultrasound for the first 50 mg dose. I didn't see a doc or nurse today, just lab tech, but when they call with result I will talk to them. Because my symptoms are back. Terrible stomach cramps and diarrhea. Twice today. The cramps started yesterday. So basically since 3 days before O I've had this for all but 2 days. On and off. But it doesn't feel like a stomach flu. It feels like my belly is full. It's hard to explain.

    I'm gonna go make another batch of my famous homemade ginger beer. Too bad it takes a whole day to ferment. I could use it now. Helps my stomach some. Or maybe it's in my head. :-)

    Have a lovely day, gals. Thanks for all your awesome support and encouragement. It really does help. :-)

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