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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @Alzora, I thought you were supposed to skip intimacy right before a gyno appt??

    @SarahM, what app do you use? Pink Pad has worked out pretty well for me so far, but I'm getting bored with it a little.
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    Hello all!

    I'm a Nameberry lurker who just "officially" joined & created a username this weekend. I'm 29, married almost 4 years, and my partner and I have decided we are going to start TTC this summer. We had wanted to wait until "the time was right" and realized there's no such thing! We're starting to chart ovulation of basal body temp, all that super fun stuff.

    I've read through a good chunk of the board, and want to say congrats to those who have the hoped for BFPs, and extend baby dust to everyone who's still trying. Fingers crossed for all!

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    @Blade, so in short, there is no reason to take Pre-Seed to the appointment with me?

    Is Théophane pronounced just like Theophany? (The accent over the E is confusing me. I've only ever studied Spanish, in which an accent indicates a stressed syllable.) Anyway, I love the look of it and think it would look perfect with Antoine Raphael. It looks very cultured, ancient, and mysterious. It reminds me of the curiously unidentified "most excellent Theophilus" mentioned in Luke 1:3. Funny that you bring this topic up, though, because my granddad happened to mention the name Blaise the other night and I thought, "I could see Blade using that name," then I realized that it's because "blaze" sounds like "blade" and it's a French name like Antoine.

    As for names for our eternally nonexistent baby, I have new monthly name crushes with each cycle, but those aside, I've got two longstanding favorites that are the most likely to be used: Lane Lawson and Narnia J@se (which I love with our English last name that has the same rhythm as Dennison but does not end in "son"). Loved because:

    Lane: Imagery of an old country dirt road, lined with oaks and fields and old white chapels and one-room imagination truly gets away from me sometimes. Also, there was an old man in my childhood church whose last name was Lane, and he was quaint and antique, and one day my friends and I stumbled upon a box of puppets in the loft of our church/school, and one of the puppets looked exactly like Mr Lane, so we dubbed him Grandpa Lane and were going to write up and perform a puppet show for a regional student competition but we never actually did. I like the name Lane though because of it. I think I was the one who named that dumb puppet.

    Lawson: Because alliteration is awesome.

    Narnia: The day before my accident, my Facebook status was a short, simple quote from one of the Narnia books. My family saw my post and then my accident happened, and they repeated the quote back to me for three weeks in the ICU. It became their mantra every time my blood pressure rose and every time things started to look bleak. The line will be printed on the wall above our baby's crib: "Courage, dear heart." Also, I walked down the aisle on my wedding day to a score from one of the Narnia films--the most chillingly beautiful piece of music I've ever heard. (You can hear it on Youtube if you search "Arrival at Aslan's How" and fast-forward to the snippet I used that begins around 0:35 sec. and ends around 1:45 min, if you feel so inclined.)

    J@se: It's what I call my husband, and my wedding band is inscribed with "MY J@SE" (using symbols here so my future child and my relatives never stumble upon my TTC posts).

    What names are you other TTCers considering? Do you dream up new name ideas with each cycle, or does your choice remain steady?

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    Quote Originally Posted by poppy528 View Post
    @Alzora, I thought you were supposed to skip intimacy right before a gyno appt??
    No way?!?! I'm not going if that's true!!

    ...and what about the names Francis (boy), Frances (girl), or Francine? Maybe you'll find something specific in the city that will inspire you.

    Welcome aboard, taliface! We're happy to have you join us!

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    Hi, everybody!

    (HI, DR. NICK!) <--- I watched a lot of Simpsons as a kid.

    First - congrats to misslindseylou! And anyone else who had a BFP since I last posted that I missed.

    Alzora & Blade, thanks for your response about my diarrhea post. Heh. Sorry if I grossed anyone out.

    Anyway, new development for me - for the first time EVAH my BBT chart analysis doesn't say "No ovulation detected." (For whoever was asking, is free, easy to use, and way way way more helpful than Pinkpad.)

    It says suspected ovulation on 4/11. (The day after the horrible diarrhea thing.) I was having hot flashes and terrible mood swings for about 3 days right in there. And stomachaches. And I wrote in my diary on the day I (possibly) O'd that I felt very amorous and sexy. For like 3 or 4 days in there my nipples would get hard out of the blue. I was also reeeally tired.

    I mean, I am skeptical b/c it's only CD3, and I could wake up tomorrow w/a plummeting BBT, but this gives me my first glimmer of hope.

    Tomorrow is my progesterone check. If my level is low, I guess that means I didn't ovulate? Or couldn't it just mean my progesterone is low and I need to supplement? Idk. Anyway I'll ask them tomorrow.

    If my number is low, I'll go up to 100 mg of Clomid next month. I don't want to talk about how hard I'm dreading that. Seriously. 50 mg made me a f***ing lunatic. A sad, sad lunatic.

    @Blade, was googling about why one might have terrible stomach pain during ovulation and read about ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. I was def bloated, stomachaches, cramps, and the one awful awful bout of diarrhea, but I didn't gain weight. So Idk.

    Nobody has mentioned ultrasounds to me. I assumed I would be having them at some point but don't know when that is supposed to happen. I'll ask about it tomorrow. I'm gonna take a print-out of my chart in with me, too. I don't know if he will give a s**t about my chart or not, but I'll take it in there in case he wants to see it.

    I'm freakin' excited tho. And nervous. I broke my not-obsessing streak and used the extended due date calculator on CTP to find everything from the EDD (Jan. 2) to the day the heartbeat starts (May 9) to the Chinese gender predictor (boy). I'm outta control.

    Tomorrow I will probably either write a super stoked post or a really crushed one.

    Oh and @Blade - I love Theophane. And I love Theophania, too.

    Baby dust, beeotches.
    Mrs. H.
    Trying for our first.
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