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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Congrats misslindseylou!! Awesome news!

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    Hi all! My hubby and I have been ttc since we lost our first pregnancy to mc back in Oct.'11. Finally got a positive 2 weeks ago and so far everything is ok! But tomorrow morning we're going in for a 6 week US and I could not be more nervous. Time is just dragging so slowly and we want this so badly that there are *no* words to describe it. But I'm sure many of you here can sympathize!
    Anyway, really I'm just wondering if anyone here has heard about the Mucinex trick, to help conceive? My SIL recommended it to me - figured it couldn't hurt and here we are!!! *happy dance*

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    Congrats, misslindseylou! Finally some more good news on this board! A little Christmas baby--how sweet will that be!

    @Lineska, thank you for sharing your experience. That information does help, and makes me question my own timing. Oh gosh...I'll feel so dumb if I find out that I've just been ovulating later than I thought. Here I am getting medical professionals involved, and it could be as simple as poor timing.

    @Sarah, sooo eager to hear how you made out this month! Fingers crossed!

    @Vitamom, YES. I don't like having to schedule sex and feeling obligated to have it on certain days, and I don't like having to lie in bed afterward and not go to the bathroom for a while and stuff...I just want to go pee and go to sleep right afterward! I don't want it to be a ritual!

    @Blade, I wish I could take your approach with this and NOT schedule sex on specific days, but that didn't work well for us this past month. We don't have the stamina for that. We are still recovering from the psychological toll that vaginismus took on us, and we don't have sex quite as frequently, perhaps, as most married couples do. We are working on that.

    @cvdutch, I'm sorry to hear of the loss you've faced. I truly hope this pregnancy goes well for you. You'll be holding that little baby in your arms before you know it. Chin up! What is this Mucinex trick you speak of?

    As for me, I am currently sitting on my bed with a heating pad on my abdomen and have finally caved and taken an Advil. My cramps used to be very mild until my period began, but these past two months I've had to take Advil before I even see blood. I don't like to do that because I don't like to take anything at all until I know without a doubt that I'm not pregnant. But at this point, even without seeing my period yet, I do know without a doubt, so I just took it. Bleh. "Hope deferred makes the heart sick." Also, the fact that my PMS cramps seem to be worsening over time makes me think OHMYGOSH ENDOMETRIOSIS.

    I've said already that I have an appointment with a fertility specialist this upcoming Wednesday (that will probably have to be moved), but I also have an appointment the following week for my annual OBGYN exam. It's with a new doctor who is in my regular healthcare system and therefore already has access to all of my records. It kind of gives me hope knowing that I'll be seeing professionals for this cycle...and ordering those Wondfo tests. Feels good to finally be doing something different this month.

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    ...okay this is a dumb question but I just thought of it and now it's pestering me, so I'm going to go ahead and ask it. My annual OBGYN exam is scheduled for a week from Thursday--a day that I will likely be very fertile if not actually ovulating (Wondfo may say differently). My husband and I are only using Pre-Seed lube until we conceive, because I've heard that other lubes can kill sperm. If my doctor goes putting stuff inside of me--regular lube and all of her tools and fingers and stuff--during my most fertile days, will it hurt our chances of conceiving for that cycle? What if I am ovulating on the exact day that she's shoving stuff in there--will it somehow affect our chances? What if her tampering scrapes out out all the sperm we'll have stashed up in there, or she puts non-Pre-Seed lube in there and massacres every last little sperm that we've spent days accumulating? Should I change the appointment to a less-crucial week?

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    @alzora commercial lubes are not particularly spermicidal. Your vagina is 2 days' worth of travel from the ovary/fallopian tube junction (which is why you have to time sex about 48h-24h before). Not to be crass, but glove-covered fingers are little different from a penis in terms of the disturbance they wreak. And you don't have masses of gunked sperm tucked away in the fornices, ewwww. They either swim up into the uterus, or they die in the vagina (they don't like the pH, and their built-in energy source eventually dries up).

    Also Mucinex is guaifenesen, which is a drug that transports water into mucus and thins it. It's used as an expectorant in chest and head colds. Some women feel that they need it to conceive since abnormally thick cervical mucus is blocking their chances. Remember, changes in cervical mucus are a) imperfect and very variable, depending on your hydration status, etc and b) a sign, not a cause, of fertility. Unless you have cystic fibrosis or some similar disorder, this is highly highly highly unlikely to contribute. However, it's relatively harmless so if you feel better trying it, feel free.

    OK, so I'm waiting for the next ten days or so (feel pessimistic as husband was away for the week). Since we all admitted we calculate our EDD each month should we conceive, what about names? In my church children need to be named after a saint in some fashion (at least one name), and it's usually either someone who had special meaning to you or someone whose feast day falls near the birth. St Raphael, for example, is celebrated on Feb 28, and Antoine was born March 1. So this cycle I would be due somewhere in the twelve days of Christmas, perhaps Twelfth Night (Epiphany in the West, Theophany in the East), and having been thinking about the name Théophane (for the middle). [Incidentally this is where the name Tiffany derives from]. What do you think?
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