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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @Blade, my insurance is really weird. It does cover pregnancy. Something about maternity being "billed globally" at the end, like all the charges are tallied up when it's over and covered in one swoop because maternity is a special case? I'm on my dad's plan, covered until I turn 26 despite the fact that I'm no longer his dependent, and since he is self-employed as a contractor, he doesn't have a nice big company plan; he took out his own very-low-cost family plan. I think you even have to make below a certain income level to be on it, though I could be mistaken. Its one perk is no deductibles, so I want to do the HSG before I get booted off. As for the medical records taking years and years to get shipped over to the fertility clinic, the receptionist actually did warn me that it could take several weeks. I don't know if it's because of the sheer number of records I ordered or because of the size of this healthcare system and the number of patient records they have to deal with. I may call them next week to give them a friendly little motivational speech.

    @Poppy, thank you for your kind and encouraging words. All of you in this Nameberry TTC community have been an invaluable source of support for me. This has been our eighth cycle of trying--I know, not long compared to many others who are trying, but my medical history causes concern. AF hasn't come yet for this cycle. My knees are still achy (I found the term "premenstrual tension") and my pelvic region feels vaguely like I will get my period sometime next week--probably between Monday and Wednesday, though it could come as late as next Saturday. I mean maybe it won't come at all, but I have no pregnancy symptoms yet, and this is my usual PMS progression. I guess I'm nervous because I seem to be a magnet for unlikely misfortunes in recent years, so now I am eternally on the lookout for the next worst-case scenario. (My car accident has not been my family's only recent tragedy; in 2008, my sister's sweet, charming 23-year-old fiance who had been living in our home and had been "a part of our family" for several years was in a motorcycle accident and died instantly. A few months later our family's beloved 11-month-old Shih Tzu puppy died of a sudden freak medical issue that involved her little lungs filling with blood. Then my accident. Then a healthy, fit, mid-forties uncle threw a blood clot and was dead within minutes. Now when I think about the prospect of irreversible infertility, I find myself bracing for another blow.)

    I don't know where or when my husband will be tested. I plan to bring that up when I see my fertility specialist. Lol...masturbatorium. Nice. I don't think it will be easy for him to produce a sample under pressure. Maybe I'll have to be in the room with him and use my womanly wiles to help him that allowed? Can I flirt with him to produce a sample?

    I do hope that your obstacle is found to be an easy fix, Poppy. You're may be as simple as our husbands' sperm count or something.

    @Ktook, thank you for your support!
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    @alzora, to answer your last question, yes you can go into the room with your hubby to "help" ;-) That's what I did for our IUI. For his semen analysis, they let him take the specimen cup home, and just bring it in when he was done.
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    &alzora ,They wouldn't let me in the room with my husband. He had to go in alone, I was irritated, so hopefully you will be able to go in with yours.
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    Yeah, that's the rules for a lot of andrology practices (no partners-- public decency laws, etc). But they have the most unbelievable porn stashes, it's amazing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    But they have the most unbelievable porn stashes, it's amazing.
    Lol! I think the irony of these public decency laws and the porn stash is obvious here so I'll refrain from any wisecracks. But my husband will not touch their porn with a ten-foot pole. I don't say that out of naivete; he truly has spent years working on that very common male issue because he feared becoming a man like his father. When Beyonce came on TV for her Super Bowl halftime show, we were at a big party and my husband left the room until her filthy show ended, peer pressure notwithstanding. I guess I'll just have to utilize texting to help him out while he's in the room by himself.

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