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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Thank you @violetindigo and @grecianern! Good luck to you as well! Oh my gosh, I was totally thinking about maternity leave through the holidays this morning too! It would be so perfect! Fingers definitely crossed!!!
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    thanks @violetindigo!

    I've heard a lot of things about supplements too. Here's my thoughts - if thousands of women can conceive while trying not to, or while using birth control, or while doing so many of the other things out there - then these supplements aren't necessary.

    Here's a few things I learned about general fertility from my specialist:

    1. Propagation - Human being suck at reproduction. According to my doctor, if we humans weren't at the top of the Food Chain, we'd have died off a very long time ago. Here's some generalized statistics that Dr. Cooper threw at me:
    a.) Cows have an 80% chance of conceiving each cycle.
    b.) Pigs have something like a 60%-70% chance.
    c.) Human beings have about a 20% chance of conception per cycle!
    (This is why we have to be carnivores. If not, our species would die out.)

    2. Sperm - When a healthy, normal man does his job, he releases 55 million sperm. 55 MILLION. By the time they find their way through the cervix, past the uterus, and to the Egg in the fallopian tube, there are (on average) only 8 sperm remaining. And then it's the fastest and strongest of those 8 who win the big prize: Cellular mitosis.
    (It's no joke when you see the baby onesie that says, "I'm one in 55 Million." It's true.)
    Another reason why children are a miracle.

    3. Waste - So, 54,999,992 sperm are considered "waste" since they don't make it to the goal line. I also found out that after age 35, 90% of the eggs released by mom are useless waste. Great... I have 2 years to get this thing going.

    Also... have your Blood Sugars checked. this is a common cause for not ovulating. (Or so I found out years ago.)

    Anyway... I hope my tidbits of info are as entertaining for you as they were for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grecianern View Post
    ...When a healthy, normal man does his job, he releases 55 million sperm....
    Lol...wait, I knew the man had to be healthy, but NORMAL? Crap, maybe that's why we haven't conceived.

    Thanks for the interesting info, grecianern!

    There are so many names on this thread now that I'm losing track of where everyone is at in the TTC process! Is anyone in the two-week wait? That's where I'm at, with Aunt Flo due next Tuesday-ish, though I wouldn't test until Friday.

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    Thanks for the stats @ grecianern! Very interesting and definitely amusing. 55 million and only 8 wind up in the race? I knew the odds were slim but that is mind boggling.

    @alzora I am not in 2 ww anymore. AF came yesterday, but I knew that there was little chance this month because of timing and busy schedules. That's why I'm doing so much research. Even if it is all baloney, I still feel like I am doing something. At the very least, it's interesting. Good luck to you in your 2ww. Fingers crossed!

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    @grecianern, those were great tidbits!
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