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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Thank you violetindego and blade for you kind responses. There's literally no one IRL to share this with so sorry for the giant melodramatic novel. I can't exactly post it on Facebook!

    I'm probably going to stay with the same doctor. Like I said, I'm a masochist. No really I'm just delusional/lazy and won't go anywhere else. They have sent me home in tears before & swear to break up with them, and yet I stay (it's like breaking up with your mom). For now it's just the fertility work up. Shouldn't they have groupon or something?
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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    Does anyone else "wheel themselves out" (i.e. calculate EDD-- a term from the plastic 'pregnancy wheel' one carries in one's white coat pocket) each month? It can't be healthy, but I do.

    This month is unlikely, as husband is out of town, but if we were to be so lucky EDD would be 12/31, which is rad.

    I totally do! It I conceived this cycle, my EDD would be Christmas Eve, fingers crossed for my BFP in the next few days.

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    Blade, I go in on the 15th (CD22) for progesterone check. Doc did not mention an ultrasound.

    Today is CD16 and I still felt incredibly moody and down today. And I was having some more I the bloated terrible feeling in my stomach. My husband and I decided to DTD anyway since we're doing the every other day thing on days 10-20. Well pretty much the second we started I felt the most horrific stomach cramps. They kept coming in waves but we kept going and I kept it a secret til we were done at which point I waited as long as I could (about one minute) and then almost crawled to the bathroom where diarrhea ensued with a vengeance.

    Sorry this is so gross, you guys.

    It did not feel like "you ate too much dairy" diarrhea. It felt like "somethin's wrong witchu girl" diarrhea.

    Now I am sitting on the couch trying to distract myself from the remaining bloated almost nauseous feeling in my stomach.

    I've read ovulation does this to people. Could that be all it is? Unrelated to my cycle? Who knows? I just hope it IS ovulation. And furthermore, if I do get pregnant, no one gets to talk to me about the nobility of suffering through childbirth. I will have long since met my suffering quota.

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    @poppy, wait...should we be scared about the HSG? I thought it would be painless. But you sound nervous. Are these going to hurt? Anyway, I'm sorry you're having such a rough time.

    @grecianern, that sounds so frustrating. Does your husband openly talk about his feelings on all of this? I know loss can strain a marriage, and I hope you and your husband can easily and quickly find yourselves on the same page again with all of this.

    @blade, yes, I calculate my EDD, and according to the website I used this month, my EDD would be Christmas Day for this cycle!

    @MrsH, it makes my stomach hurt just reading that. I hope you're feeling better by now.

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    ...I actually go beyond calculating the EDD for any given month. I also calculate the day or general time frame when I could announce the pregnancy to everyone. I would wait until the standard 12 weeks to make a pregnancy widely known. If we conceived this cycle, I could announce it on June 13, the third anniversary of my accident! How awesome would it be to announce a life inside of me on the date that should have been inscribed on my tombstone?

    We've made special observance of the accident anniversary the past two years; the first year I threw a big "celebrate life" picnic, complete with an ice cream truck (lucky personal connection) and had sign-up sheets for an upcoming blood drive organized in commemoration of the accident. Last year I just did a blood drive. This year maybe we could by-pass all things bloody and instead announce a baby...?? Here's hoping. I will know by next Saturday at the latest, but probably much earlier. No symptoms of anything yet though. :/

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