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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Hi Berries,

    Haven’t touched base in a while, I think. I went to the dr last week. I also had the mother of all stomach flus last week so the lackluster appointment made a lousy week feel even more abysmal. DH couldn't make it to the appointment with me as originally planned.

    The appointment: Sucked. I waited a half hour and then was asked a tone of questions by the student working with the doctor for another half hour. Then the doctor yammered on and on about being Rubella non-immune and why didn't I get that booster like I was supposed to?! The doctor also wanted to run genetic testing on me, which I had previously declined. What is the worst possible disease that’s suddenly going to pop up in my one-quarter Jewish-blood baby? Nothing. Thanks for making me feel like a piece of cr@p mom already. I also turned down the CF test. Maybe that one was silly.

    Next step: I have to call on the first day on my next cycle, then come in on cd3-4 for an TVUS and labs. GROSS. I am already having embarrassing nightmares. It sounds humiliating. Husband get to do his test too, but his will be a lot more enjoyable.

    This is sucking all too much for my liking. I’m obviously not thrilled, but I’m not sure if there’s a point to switching at this point. They can run their tests and then that’s it.

    All for now. Baby dust my dears.
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    @Alzora - my husband says he's ready, but doesn't seem receptive - does that make sense? and when he blames our son, it's because he's still awake, etc. And to be honest, he's blaming our son for a lot of stupid stuff. for example, last week, he forgot to bring the right thing to Show & Tell, my husband, not our child who set out the right thing. DH told provider that our son should have reminded him. Right... because a 4 yr old is aware of anything in the morning. It's like having 2 kids some days.

    @Blade - I look, count, check... every month. And that's what makes this waiting so hard. I won't have the Halloween surprise that we were so excited for. We've missed our christmas baby, and now our timetable - if lucky - is early 2014 - new deductibles on insurance... makes this whole year feel wasted.

    @Poppy528 - I'm so sorry for your experience. And I know, transvaginal ultrasounds suck. There is no other word for it. They aren't fun. But after 7 years of Infertility experience with 4 different doctors, this is my advice: PREPARE. Educate yourself on your options, your financial aid/obligations, all aspects of your health. go in knowing what your specialist is talking about. And when you don't understand what they're saying, ask them to explain it again. And again. however many times in however many ways until you do understand. These specialists will not make a decision for you. Yes, they should offer suggestions, but some won't. You have to be your own advocate. And one specific - Did the specialist mention anything about an HSG X-Ray? This is an x-ray where the doctor pushes a fluid visible on xray through the reproductive area to make sure that there are not any blockages. It will show blockages, and could even clear very minor ones. Since you mentioned adhesions, I thought you should look into this.
    Good luck!
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    @Grecianern, The HSG, hysterosalpingogram, AKA the thing I cannot pronounce, is on the checklist of things they will put me through. Thank you for your kind words. I'm slowly learning all this bit by bit. I feel slightly bullied by doctors a lot of times. I'm slowly growing a backbone, and sticking up for myself; but it's hard.
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    “And remember, my sentimental friend, that a heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others.” L. Frank Baum, The Wizard of Oz

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    I'm so sorry you went through that poppy528. That sounds like it sucked pretty bad. It seems you have really been through a lot. I really hope all the pain of these doctors visits pay off with a happy healthy preganancy. What gecianern said about preparation is right on the mark. I'm sorry I don't have more to add that might be helpful. I just wanted to say I'm really sorry you are having such a hard time.

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    Jeez poppy. Seriously. Bad.

    A bit of it is understandable-- i.e. offering the "Jewish screen" before you learn more about the patient's family dynamics. But unless the V/Q scan occurred outside the UW system (UW has a great EMR, everything is there-- everything-- all the way back to 2001 or so, and a lot of earlier paper records are scanned in) there is literally no excuse for not reading the radiology report as negative. I understand their hearts a-fluttering at the thought of PE because pregnancy = hypercoagulable state and prior PE = biggest risk factor for future PE, adding APS on top of it... one imagines all kinds of dire scenarios [I in my extremely limited experience saw a perfectly healthy 19yo girl, 40 minutes postpartum, cuddling her baby, suddenly die from a saddle embolus. Absolutely nothing you can do short of immediate access to a cardiac surgeon. She died within five minutes. Horrible, horrible, horrible.]

    Perinatologists *do* manage a lot of medications during pregnancy. Outside of pregnancy the default med would of course be warfarin (or hopefully soon, Arixtra or Pradaxa!) but in pregnancy it's good old fashioned Lovenox, and as you well know that doesn't require any monitoring outside potentially a HIT screen.

    The HSG is a part of the workup for nearly everyone, but for you (and alzora! in particular it's especially warranted.

    Students/residents/fellows (are you sure it was a student? short coat?) are of course part & parcel of the UW system, but believe me it makes your care more thorough, safer and as modern as possible.

    But seriously, if it was a sh!tty experience, try your luck elsewhere. No need to suck it up
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