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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @southwind - Yeah, I think I just need to relax! This is only our first month TTC. But it's such a small window each month so I want to ensure we're doing everything possible over those crucial few days! Anyway, there's not much I can do when our work schedules collide like this...
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    I took a hpt today, even thought I'm only 5 DPO. WHY do I even do that to myself? Of course it was negative. I'm going to try to wait until Friday (10 DPO) to take another. But, I probably won't make it. I'm obsessed. I can't think about anything else for more than 2 seconds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by misslindseylou View Post
    I'm obsessed. I can't think about anything else for more than 2 seconds.
    This is how I am every month during the two-week wait.

    I have no idea which day I ovulated, and I have no idea which day to expect AF. There was a two-day gap last week where I wish we had made at least one more attempt, but at the time I was going through one of my panic phases and not wanting a baby, so we took two nights off. Now I kind of regret that. We'll see what comes of it.

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    Looks like this month wasn't our time.

    Fingers crossed for the next...
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    Thanks so much @alzora!!!

    I realized that today, it has been 4 weeks since we lost our baby for good. And it amazes me how fast it has gone. Time has seemed to fly by faster than the pregnancy did. Which is a relief, I guess.

    My recovery must have been ok. After going into detail with my doctor, she elected not to do an invasive exam - no touching at all. It was weird. maybe she wouldn't have been able to tell or feel anything anyway? IDK... I just peed in a cup and that was that.
    She said to expect AF anytime from 26 day from the day of my D&C to 26-28 days from the day all the after-effects ended. So, I'm on standby for AF... for the next week+. Ugh.

    As for the moving on... I'm ready. new Wadfo kits on their way (I gave mine to a friend when I told her I was pregnant) and Femara Rx in hand, But the husband isn't catching any of my signals. In fact, when I brought it up last night (that we weren't on the same page) he blamed our son. Which he seems to be doing a lot lately. It's like having 2- 4 yr olds. I know older children regress when under stress - but do husbands also? I'm hoping that we can connect again before going back on the band wagon... I thought this no-stress time would be like a practice run. But he won't even join me on the field.

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