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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Feb 2012
    Worthing, West Sussex, UK
    Hello everyone! Hope you are all ok.
    Loveday, hope you have a better year this year, and good luck!
    Mrs Taylor, good luck with Next month! I know Aunt Flo always ruins my plans lol. Hopefully February will be THE month.
    Stuffd, don't give up yet! You might be lucky! Just keep trying till the other half leaves, you never know.
    Violet, It started almost straight away, but I didn't go to the doctors straight away. I thought they would think I was a bad mum and take Kyan away from me, so I was scared. But eventually my mum and partner ordered me to go as I was really ill. I'm glad I did go eventually, although I wish i went sooner for Kyan's sake. Thankfully, my mum and OH (Bryan) were both very supportive and helped me bond with Kyan, as I didn't feel like he was mine, if you get what I mean? So my advice to everyone is to go to the doctors if you don't feel right, and the sooner you go, the better. Your health is important, and when you have a newborn it's easy to forget that. But for your sake and your baby's and your family's sake, don't be afraid to ask for help and make sure you look after yourself.
    Keeping fingers crossed for you all! Xxx
    Mrs B
    Proud Mummy to K, C, A & Angel Baby F xxx

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    I am starting my first round of Clomid today. I am so so excited and ready for wherever this journey takes me!

    My fingers are crossed for all you ladies out there ttc too!
    "Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible."

    Dalai Lama

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    grecianern Guest
    Hello All!

    Good Luck @Megmarie! I'm on Day 4 of this round of Femara... and our marathon of TTC should start this Friday and go into next week. To be honest, it's nice that the schedule finally lines up with a weekend that we are home and unhurried and (hopefully) relaxed.
    For those of us working and TTC... I think if things work out for us in the next month or 2... maternity leave should cover some if not all of the holidays. Yes, I try to plan that far ahead.

    *Crossing my fingers that all of our wishes come true!

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    Hello @ loveday. I hope your 2013 is much better than your 2012! Good luck @ megmarie with clomid! My fingers are crossed for you! @mrstaylor, that really sucks that you have to wait. I can imagine it is tough when all you want to do is keep trying, but maybe there will be a Valentine's baby!

    I have been doing some research on TTC and I have run across crazy amounts of supplements and vitamins that are supposedly helpful with fertility. Some of the forums I looked at made it sound like if you are not taking a whole handful of pills everyday you would never get pregnant. I really feel for everone who has had trouble conceiving. The amount of contradictory and crazy advice out there seems OVERWHELMING! I was wondering what some of you ladies who have been on this journey longer than I have think of this stuff? Is there anything to it or is it just a shot in the dark? Specifically I came across Royal Jelly. It's supposed to be some kind of fertility super food. Any thoughts?

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    Good luck to you @ grecianern. We must have posted at the same time. I hope your ttc weekend is succesful!

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