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    Shall I use Sophie when my first dd nn is Sofia?

    I reserved Penelope for another girl so I used Sofia for my first dd mn instead of Penelope. Now I want this baby girls name to be Sophie but will this turn into a sibling issue somehow? They will be Irish twins so I figure it would be alright and they are slightly different: Sofia and Sophie. Plus ones a mn and ones a first name. Oh I'm thinking Sophie Rosemarie or Sophie Rose. I also like Charlotte Rose.
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    I don't think so.
    Too close...Charlotte is beautiful

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    So you want to give the 2nd daughter your first daughter's middle (I mean, it's basically the same name)

    I don't think it's a huge big deal. The only sibling issue could be if your first resents sharing her stuff with the younger sister, even her name isn't exclusively hers. She might feel less *special* but of course this all depends on your parenting style. Maybe it will be positive like a nice connection between them that they will both love.

    Personally I think that too many great names are out there to reuse one. I love my daughter's middle but once I used it I find it & all varients, even the less obvious ones, unusable

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    Please do not give your daughters the same name.

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    They're definitely too close
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