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  • Talbot Katherine

    6 8.82%
  • Camilla Blackwell

    14 20.59%
  • Camilla Katherine

    43 63.24%
  • Adair Carrington

    5 7.35%
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    Wow -- this is incredible feedback! Thank you all so much for your thoughts!!

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    OOooo, that's a tough one. I love the nn Tally and Talbot is lovely and unique.
    Adair is also beautiful! But I'd be afraid that everyone would think her name was Adele.
    Camilla is very pretty though I'm not sure how well it fits with Barclay. I like Camilla Blackwell because the flow is better than with Katherine.

    I voted for Talbot
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    When I hear Talbot, I think of the store... it ruins it for me.

    I guess Carrington & Blackwell are family names, but they sound pretentious as middle names.

    So Camilla Katherine is the obvious choice for me. It's more feminine and easier. It's pretty without sounding like you were trying too hard to be original.

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    Camilla Katherine is adorable! You should go with that, but whatever you think. And it also depends what she'll look like, I think Camilla Katherine is a blonde girl name now Talbot Catherine is a brunettes name. So whichever you think.

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    Camilla Katherine is what I voted for, but I adore Tally, just not Talbot. It's too boyish. Do you like any of these names: Natalie, Natalia, Vitalia, Talia, Tala, Tallis, Talisa, Talora, Tallulah, Talyn, Katalin, Catalina, Abital, Avital, Gretal, Petal?
    Adair is super cute too, but sounds nice in the mn spot. As someone else mentioned, Caroline Adair is a lovely combo.

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