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    Hmmm... How about Absalom? I don't exactly know how nerdy you're trying to get, but Achilles is well-known enough to be correctly pronounced, though spelled is another story... Axl / Axel? Apollo? Instead of Alexander, how about Alistair? For the O's: Otto? Otho after the Roman Emperor of all of three months? Ozzy after Ozymandias? How do you feel about Horace? Rudyard? Maybe Rhodes instead of Atlas? Ratchet? Or maybe the more pronounceable Redd or Roy? Samson? Solomon? Or if you're daring, Saul, Spiro, or Sebastian?

    You have some great areas to pull from; I hope you two find one you both enjoy!
    Name-researcher inside a Greco-Roman framework AKA etymologies-R-US, trying to resurrect a few ancient praenomena and some not-so-ancient favorites, such as:
    Ira - Gnaeus - Avner - Bayard - Berenike - Faust
    Furmom to Euryale and Tiberius.

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    Henry: Classic. Seems common and lacking a specific personality
    Asher: NMS and very popular
    Stellan: strong name. Other possibilities: Soren / Sylvan / Seren
    Arrow: I would use it as middle name. I would perhaps use Eero (Finnish variation of Eric) as a first.
    Alexander: Very common. I would use Alistair (Scottish version of Alexander) instead.
    Rhett: From "Gone with the Wind"? I would use Brett / Everett / Garrett / Leverett as a full name and Rhett as a nickname.
    Parker: I like it and other occupational names: Fletcher / Foster / Granger / Hunter / Sawyer / Spencer / Thatcher
    Romulus: reminds me of Harry Potter: Argus / Cornelius / Filius / Lucius / Regulus / Remus / Rodolphus / Rubeus / Severus / Sirius / Quirinus. I prefer some of these to Romulus.

    Atlas / Dermetrius / Evander / Helios / Leander
    Auberon(Oberon) / Draco / Leo / Orion / Sirius
    Aaron / Abraham / Benjamin / David / Simon
    Arthur / Emerys / Gwain / Merlin / Mordred / Morgan
    Atticus / Beauregard (Boo) / Jeremy (Jem) / Scout
    Auden / Fyodor / Harper / Hemingway / Kafka / Keaton / Poe

    A names:
    Alistair (Scottish version of Alexander)
    August / Augustus

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