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    Redneck Girl Names

    I need a really redneck-like name for my main character, a 13-yr-old girl. She's a very smart kid, being raised in a Southern trailer park by her father and uncle (two men very loosely based on the Dixon brothers from The Walking Dead). I've been seriously considering Liberty (first name) Belle (middle name). If I do decide to go with this name, I'm planning to have a little story behind her name, where she was born on July 4th. I just want some thoughts on this name and suggestions for other "hick" names. Thanks!
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    I think Luanne sounds pretty redneck. I'm not exactly sure how it's spelled. Pronounced like loo-ANNE.

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    A modern 13yo redneck is much more likely to be named Neveah, Krystal or Jaden than Luanne or Darlene.
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    I think Liberty works, but maybe a city name for the middle? Like Dakota, Savannah, Louisiana, Arizona. You can say she was conceived in one of those cities.
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    Liberty Belle was the name of Juno's sister in the movie Juno. That's all I can think of when I hear that name, although it does sound exceedingly redneck.
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