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    Need help with middle names

    I posted a few weeks back that my husband and I were at logger heads about baby no. 4's name and that we couldn't agree on anything. We have about 9 weeks to go and I thought we were really never going to agree. But after some interesting events which I won't bore with you with, he has agreed on the name Evelyn (My favourite and a name he originally wouldn't budge on) So baby girl will be Evelyn nn Evie. I realise how popular it is but I love it and it's the only name that has felt right the whole way along and it now has a fairly strong meaning for us so I'm 99.9% sure we won't budge now on fn. But we are struggling with middle names now. Contenders so far are.

    Evelyn Iris (Husband's grandmother died just before Christmas and I would really love to use her name as the middle. I'm not sure it flows particularly well though. It sounds a bit clunky to me. Usable or not??)
    Evelyn Mackenzie (I know most people on here hate Mackenzie, so do I, myself, but it is my husband's favourite name so I thought it might be a nice compromise seeing as I got my way with the fn)

    My mother has suggested making it Evelyn Iris Mackenzie or Evelyn Mackenzie Iris to help the Iris flow a lot better. But as none of the other children have double middle names I think this may be a bit of a no no.

    Other possible contenders could be.
    Evelyn Caroline (named after a very close family friend who passed 10 years ago. I feel this one is a bit "L" heavy especially with our last name which also has an L
    Evelyn Kathleen (After my nan who passed away 6 years ago. I'm not a fan of the name Kathleen however.)

    I also like Evelyn Charlotte and Evelyn Maeve, but only because I like them, not for any special reason. What does everyone think.

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    The repeating vowel sounds at the beginning of Evelyn and Iris does present a slight flow issue, but I still find it to be a really gorgeous combo. I think Evelyn and Mackenzie sound strange together, and I'm actually one of those nuts who likes the name Mackenzie. Evelyn is just so regal and timeless and sweet, and Mackenzie just doesn't live up to that.

    Evelyn Maeve is my favourite of your options in terms of flow, and it's a bit more original/distinctive than Evelyn Charlotte.

    I understand what you mean about latching onto a name and not really caring about popularity or whatever. That happened to me, too! Evelyn is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

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    I think two middle names would be fine. My little brother is the only one in our family with two middle names, and he likes it. So Evelyn Iris Mackenzie is what I would choose.
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    I actually really like Evelyn Iris, especially with the meaning it would have for you.
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    I really like Evelyn Iris.

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