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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    I think it will suck. They aren't terribly intelligent people and any attempt to be nouveau will probably fall horribly flat in the predictable Hollywood ways (hello, Audio Science, Bronx-not-Brooklyn, Kal-El, etc).

    Kim has no talents save marketing her own brand. She can't act, sing, dance and is too short & fat to model. That Kardashian name is what's putting bread on the table... I absolutely expect the kid to have a K name, just to spin things out for as long as possible.
    Nasty, nasty, nasty... AND wrong

    It's funny because you said "Kim has no talents" and is also not "terribly intelligent." Yet, somehow she's a household name and multimillionaire. She can't be too unintelligent.
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    Wow, kill the kim and kanye hate, jealousy is a weak emotion

    As for a name for their daughter, I have no idea, I doubt they will keep the k theme even tho they are both k's.

    I do know it will be something different, I mean she is going to be best friends with blue Ivy carter
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    I'm guessing the middle name will be Donda or something along those lines after kanye's late mother.

    I reckon they'll pick something quite "normal" for the first name. Nothing too outlandish, like kourtney with mason and Penelope.

    Maybe quite frilly like aliana or arabella.

    Or they could go the crazy route and call in Kodak.
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    Also I know they are having a girl but if it was a boy they wouldn't name him knight as Nas and kellis have a son named knight.

    Think they will use his mother's name in some way as she was very important to him.
    for every dark night, there is a brighter day

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    I am no fan, but I also don't hate them at all...and I certainly have nothing negative to say about her (or anyone's) body (but, jeez, especially not her! Too fat to model?!?!)

    I think that Kanye is very fashion forward and Kim is very market-savvy and I predict that the name will be all of these things.


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