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    I saw a lot of people upset that a name they liked was now "ruined." I wouldn't be at all surprised if Kim and Kanye "ruined" another name nerd favorite.
    If that happens, I'm sorry the nameberry forums are going to be hilarious that day.

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    Don't know how much to put in it, it is from "a source" after all.
    I hope they'll use a double barrelled last name, Kardashian-West has a nice cling to it.
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    Maybe if it's a girl it will have the middle Taylor to make up to Miss Swift for interrupting her at the VMA's Or Beyonce to pay tribute.
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    The baby definitely won't be called Kylie, as Kim's youngest sister is Kylie Jenner.

    I hope they call her something really unexpected!
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    I don't know how acurrate it is but here's an article I saw on yahoo this morning ( Apparently Kanye likes North, which would make the baby North West.

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