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    I heard that Kim has said that they are sticking with a K. I think a silent first letter would be cute, Knight perhaps.

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    God most of y'all really aren't keen on them are you? I'm sure they're nice people- I think they'll leave the 'K' theme, I can picture a baby girl called Eden maybe? And fo a boy somethig kind of peaceful/spiritual again, like Bodhi.
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    Out-there names: Kween, King, Kardinal, Kakadu, Kaleidoscope, Knight, Kahuna, Kaiser, Khaleesi (just in case they watch/have read Game of Thrones/ASOIAF), Kash, Kaddish, Krishna.
    More "normal" names: Kate, Keeva, Kennedy, Kincade, Kain, Katherine, Konrad, Kaya, Kalliope, Kai, Keaton, Kenzie, Kingston, Knox.

    Quote Originally Posted by sophiarose View Post
    God most of y'all really aren't keen on them are you? I'm sure they're nice people
    I like Kanye, Kim is smart - she understands how to make money out of nothing. All those people calling her stupid are totally off.
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    Entertainment Weekly frequently refers to it as "Konniption Kardashian-West," which just cracks my a$$ up.

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    Actually, the more I think about it the less I think they'll go for a K name. They're both very image-conscious, and I think they know that's what's expected. When Kourtney was pregnant with Penelope, I saw a lot of discussions expecting another K name, and then when she went with Penelope I saw a lot of people upset that a name they liked was now "ruined." I wouldn't be at all surprised if Kim and Kanye "ruined" another name nerd favorite.

    I saw one article that said that were leaning towards Liv for a girl. I have no idea how much truth there was to that article, probably not a lot, but I'm beginning to expect something along those lines.

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