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    Quote Originally Posted by lauwills View Post
    Agree with the sentiment - I am WAY too excited about this.

    Can't wait to see what they choose! My hunch is something like Kamille/Camille or Carolina/Karolina. Something not-too-crazy, yet vaguely cosmopolitan that Kim would find glamorous. I think she'll pick a frillier, more girly name.

    Cassia? Celia?

    I hope she pleasantly surprises me, though!

    That's what I thought as well.

    Aside from hoping that their baby was healthy, I really wasn't interested in Kimye. It wasn't until I read some surprising comments about them, their baby and her name that I started to care. I thought it would be a cold day in hades before I would defend Kim Kardashian!! lol

    Really in the end, the name is doomed to be criticized either way. If they choose Calla/ Kalla or Calista/Kalista or Camille/Kamille or something along those lines then they have "ruined a great name." If they choose a "trashy name" then it was what everyone "expected all along." Even if they choose a more (Eurocentrically) classic name like Katherine, people will say "oh look, she's trying to get in good with Will and Kate."

    All that matters to them is that mom and baby are healthy and happy.
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    Kingslie or Kinga?

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    I hope it isn't Sailor Moon I loved that show, I think it's a cute name and it's on my own list. I have seen that used once on a girl ...
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    If they want to aim high but still remain classy, I hope they're choosing Kleopatra (I prefer Cleopatra but presuming that they wanna go with the K-theme). It's a quite lovely name, too "grand" for myself to use it, but it seems to be a name that would suit Yeezy's (or is it Yeezus now?) ego well.
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    Im starting to think their new baby might be named Karat....
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