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    Thanks everyone - I really liked Felicity too, but my husband isn't into it. We also really like Isobel but feel like that might be many pretty names out there and of course most of them are becoming quite popular and trendy!

    Allstephe - good eye! My husband is half Greek, part German/Dutch (hence the Anneliese/Gisselle names)...ideally we'd find something that gives a little nod to either heritage, although not critical.

    Any other suggestions are welcome, thanks again!

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    Celia, Gisselle and Anneliese are a great sibset! Before I make suggestions, I'll comment on some of the names you've considered.

    Penelope--I love it, but it's not quite in line stylistically, to my way of thinking. However, I think that people are a lot more respectful of names than they used to be. I think if you firmly but kindly said, "We prefer using Penelope", people would respect that.

    Eloise and Sienna--I agree they are too close in sound
    Delphine and Imogen--fit in style, but somehow the sounds don't work with her sisters' names
    Nanette--has always seemed a bit frivolous to me
    Callista, Jocelyn, Rosalie--are all good choices to my ear, and they maintain the pattern you established
    Phoebe--one of my favorite names and it works
    Alexia--seems too modern next to your earlier choices
    Genevieve--this works, but I'd try to give #4 a unique initial. This applies to Callista also, of course.

    And my favorites from pps:
    Sylvia/Sylvie--one of my current favorites--it fits both the pattern and your naming style perfectly
    Amelia--also would be a great choice if you weren't concerned with initials. I might go for Emilia instead
    Mirabel/Marielle--are charming

    Also, consider:

    Rosalinde--fits your pattern and has the same charm as your triplets' names.....and isn't it a German form of 'Rose'?
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    Thanks for your thoughts on all the names - I agree w so much of what you say. I also had Rosalie/Rosaline on my short list but it's another name my husband isn't into...same goes for Linnea! I like Daphne and Lilis (though maybe a bit too close to Anneliese?), as well as Marielle!

    Please keep more ideas coming! Thanks!

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    How about Romilly, Beatrice, Evangeline, Bellamy, Vivienne, Emmeline, Marcheline, Verity, Natalie? I also like the suggestions of Lucille and Genevieve.
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    Thanks again everyone! Our daughter arrived three weeks early, and after being referred to as "the baby" for the first 48 hours of her life, I finally capitulated and agreed to Penelope. My husband had enlisted my three older girls to lobby for that name too, so it was hard to say no. and now, I absolutely love the name for our daughter - she is a perfect little Penelope! We may consider calling her Pippen, even though that's usually a boy's name, but we are going to try and have people stick with Penelope. My preferred nickname is Penelopanini.

    Thanks again!

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