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    Need help with name for girl #4

    My husband and I are stumped. We are expecting baby girl #4 in early Feb and can't for the life of us come up with a name we both love. Our three older girls are 2.5 year old triplets by the name of Celia, Gisselle, and Anneliese. We love all of their names, and we did have some level of coordination insofar as they all have an "L" and an "S"-sound in their names, without rhyming or having the same ending. We tried to come up with a name for baby #4 using the same parameters but it's just too hard, so now I'm looking for anything that will coordinate well with her sisters. Any suggestions would be welcome!

    FYI my husband loves the name Penelope, but I don't love it, and more importantly, know that it will be too long of a name for people to use fully, which will lead to nicknames, like Poppy or Penny, neither of which I like.

    Names that I loved but won't work:
    Eloise (too close to Anneliese)
    Sienna (too close to Celia in sound)
    Emmanuelle (too close to my sister's name)
    Simone (can't use b/c being used by a relative by marriage)

    Names we've considered but neither of us love or think work well with her sisters' names:
    Nanette (not a good fit)
    Lucia (actually love this name but it's my mother in law's name and we don't want to use it)

    We need help!

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