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    two-syllable middles, accent second syllable

    I'm a newberry, and would like some assistance with a middle name for a girl.

    I am delighted with the name Fern, and I think a middle name with 2 syllables, accent second syllable would be best with our 3-syllable, consonant-heavy, Germanic last name that begins with R.

    Something with the sound and rhythm of Fern Louise, though I do not like that option.

    Oh, and Fern Elyse is OUT. I like Beethoven, but not that much.

    Thanks a million!

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    Fern is lovely!
    Maybe you'll like some of these:
    Avril, Bernice, Celeste, Chloé, Christine, Clarisse, Clémence, Colette, Constance, Corinne, Delphine, Dione, Elaine, Elvire, Giselle, Inès, Iseult, Lenore, Lucille, Michelle, Mireille, Nicole, Noelle, Odette, Sophie and Sylvaine

    You should check out french names, they've usually got emphasis on the last syllable.
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    My great-grandmother had a very similar name to what you are describing. She was Fern Emmerett (stress on the third syllable: "emmer-ETT"). Some two-syllable names:

    Ferne Lorraine
    Fern Christelle
    Fern Adele
    Fern Celine
    Fern Selene
    Fern Ciel ("see-EL")
    Fern Brielle
    Fern Corrinne
    Fern Pauline
    Fern Marin ("mar-IN"...see the Nameberry comments on this name for more pronunciation info)
    Fern Marie
    Fern Georgine
    Fern Justine
    Fern Irene
    Fern Maxine
    Fern Romaine
    Fern Roxine
    Fern Colleen
    Fern Eileen
    Fern Maureen
    Fern Janelle
    Fern Chantal

    I keep thinking of three-syllable names though. Not sure how these would sound with your last name:

    Fern Emmaline
    Fern Rosalie (this would have alliteration with your last name, which some dislike but I actually tend to like)
    Fern Adeline

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    Thank you, dears! Favorites:
    Fern Avril
    Fern Mireille (how did you know I love Mireille?! I never thought of putting together...)
    Fern Emmaline (this would actually sound very beautiful and balanced - maybe I need to broaden my syllable-count horizons)

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