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    Help me finish my list

    The names that are set on my list right now are Clara, Genevieve, Lucia, and Cassia. I love so many other names though I just cannot decide which should make the list and which I should let go. Let me know what you think of these names and what type of girl you would expect to have these names. Many of the ones I don't go with will become MNs so also feel free to make combos if you would like (Some of these names are very similar such as Estelle and Giselle and I would only pick one for the list I just have a hard time deciding between them)

    Violet (I like this but I was talking to family recently and they all talked about how much they hated this name, does that make it a no)
    Stella or Estelle
    Victoria (Is this possible without a NN, I am ok with Tori not a big fan though and I despise Vicki)
    Josephine or Josephina
    Ava or Eva
    Giselle (does the first syllable make this a no)
    Adelaide (I like this one a lot but I am not so sure about have "Laid" as a part of her name)
    Laura or Lauren
    Jane (too plain?)
    Audrina (is this too celebrity?? I have always been fond of it but I am not sure it is actually usable or not)
    Anna or Anya or Anastasia (I am leaning towards Anastasia though with Anya and Anna as NNs)

    Sorry that turned out so long!
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    Brigid - I have a friend with this name, love it! She's tall, skinny, and has long, almost black hair.
    Violet - I LOVE this name. It might take it out if your family hates it, though. Maybe as a middle or second middle? Viola is an option.
    Vivienne - I like this, my friend sister has this name, she is Japanese, so that's the only way I see it now.
    Phoebe - babysat a girl named Phoebe, blonde hair, blue eyes, beautiful, I give it a 7/10
    Stella - LOVE IT! Knew a girl named Stella, mocha ish skin, blonde/light brown hair, very mature
    Estelle - sorry, but. Really dislike this name
    Catherine - beautiful, but I prefer the K spelling, even though I HATE most K names.
    Charlotte - my sister's name. LOVE it. She has olive skin and brunette hair, she's very skinny and has brown eyes. Very pretty. She's sweet but very mischievous and tricky.
    Victoria - LOVE this. Know someone with the Russian version, she is an amazing girl. I don't like Tory or Vicki either, she just goes by her full name
    Maria - I prefer Marie. This sems too Spanish to me
    Josephine- same with Maria. I don't like J names for girls
    Ava/Eva- LOVE Ava. I pronounce Eva almost the same as Ava, as my friend is pregnant and naming her daughter Eva Catherine, and pn it Ay-Vuh, so I ended up getting used to that
    Eleanor- so sweet! I took care of a baby named Eleanore, but I prefer Eleanor.
    Gemma - nope. I like Emma, Julia, Juliet, Giulia, and Emmaline
    Helena - I like this, but prefer Elena. My fathers work friend is from Europe and they have twin daughters named Elena and Rosa, and I definitely like Elena more than Helena.
    Priscilla - don't like it. It sounds like some sort of prissy insect. The cilla part gets me.
    Adelaide - beautiful. It is my friends middle name. I think you're reading into and caring too much about laid and gis. It's part of the name.
    Lauren- I much prefer this to Laura. Laura could be a nn for Lauren. I really like the en ending
    Willa - childhood friend name, so I'm a little biased, but I like this name a lot. I like it more than Willow, at least.
    Jane - Plain Jane. Maybe a mn.
    Audrina - waaaay too celebrity. Arina or Audrey.
    Anastasia- absolute love. Beautiful. Ana and Anna would be good nns
    Vera- Too weird. I just don't like it.
    Elizabeth - beautiful! A classic
    Tallulah -'s ok
    Simone - I know a boy named Simone, and I just don't like that it has Simon in it, because I despise Simon
    Emily - very sweet. Emilie or Emilia look better though
    Seraphina- cute! A little celebrity, but you can also use Sera or Nina as nns
    Cecilia - LOVE IT

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    Brigid - I picture a strong, willful, brave girl. I like this name but I'm not sure how well it goes with the names already on your list. Maybe as an mn?
    Violet - Obviously I love Violet. Its become quite popular over here in the U.S so I took it off my list. But just because a family member hates it doesn't mean you should use it. It is your "child" after all. I'm sure my -ayden name loving mother would hate most of the names on my list but I wont let that determine whether my child ends up a Jack or a Jayden. Use the name you love.

    Vivienne - This name is really sophisticated and sounds beautiful with Genevieve as a sister. I couldn't picture calling a baby Vivienne though. It works well as a mn too. Clara Vivienne and Lucia Vivienne sound good have a good meaning together (light of my life )

    Phoebe - NMS. i picture a quirky, eccentric woman like Phoebe on Friends. It doesn't really fit the style of the other names on your list.

    Stella/Estelle- I like Stella better as an fn and Estelle better as an mn. Both are really pretty. Stella I picture as a fun loving, well rounded girl, a true star. Estelle I see as a little drama queen.

    Catherine - a little bland but you can't go wrong with a classic. All the Catherine's I know (spelled this way) are really smart.

    Charlotte - Was my favorite name until it got so popular. I love it. I picture a sweet, curious, curly haired child. Again, its a classic. You can't go wrong.

    Victoria - I like it, especially with the nn Toria. I've known a few Victorias and only two have lived up to the beauty and regality of the name. I think it can hold a lot of expectations and would be better off as an mn.

    Maria - needs to be used more, especially on caucasian girls. I also love simple Marie as an fn. Maria sounds like a girl you can look up to.

    Josephine/Josephina: Love, obviously. It was my great grandma's name. I would choose Josephine with Genevieve and Clara and Josephina if her sisters were Lucia and Cassia. Josephineis more vintage whereas Josephina is more latin sounding. You have to decide which vibe you like best. The name Josephine reminds me of that song in Titanic so I always picture kind of a Kate Winslet character when I hear this name.

    Ava/Eva: Eva, definitely. Ava is way over done. Eva is German and French so it goes more with Genevieve and Clara. It has a classic, Old Hollywood feel to it. Ava did once but I feel its lost its sparkle since being in the top 10 in the U.S.

    Carmen - I'd loose this one. Reminds me of a Mexican teenage girl. Doesn't go with the other names on your list except maybe Lucia.

    Giselle - The first syllable always gets me. Some people think this name is fabulous. I am not one of them. If you notice the first syllable, chances are it'll bother you if you end up using it. Genevieve has a similar feel to Giselle without sounding like a type of Antelope.

    Eleanor - Doesn't really match your other names. I think Eleanor sounds a bit stiff. Eleanora might be interesting though. The Italian form of Eleanor. Sounds great with Clara and Lucia.

    Gemma - Love. Goes great with your other names. I'd add it.

    Helena - I love it pronounced Hel-lay-na. It reminds me of a strong beautiful woman.

    Priscilla - I'd lose it. Still reminds me of a spoiled, prissy girl.

    Holland - Guilty pleasure of mine. But I totally side eye a sibset of Genevieve, Clara and Holland. I'd assume Holland was a boy. I like it more as an mn in this situation. Clara Holland, Eva Holland, Anna Holland, & Elizabeth Holland sound nice.

    Adelaide - nms. I don't mind the laid part but its still to stuffy for me. Its a perfectly fine name though. Clara Adelaide or Lucia Adelaide is stunning.

    Laura/Lauren - Both sound dated to me but if I had to choose Laura. It was also one of my favorite names and has a little antique charm to it with the little house on the prairie association. I'd lose it if I were you.

    Willa - A cute name, a little quirky, but cute. Willa Genevieve sounds really nice and Clara and Willa would make super cute twins

    Jane - I love Jane in the mn spot. I think it can add class to any fn. Holland Jane sounds just as feminine and strong as Victoria Jane. As an fn I'm not too sure. I only know one Jane and she kinda lives up to her name :/

    Audrina - I do think of a celebrity but paired with the right sibset it could sound really beautiful and Italian. Ex. Audrina, Chloe and Eden sound really celebrity but Audrina, Lucia and Gemma sound like three gorgeous Italian sisters. It kinda depends on the context in which its used like siblings, last name, heritage least IMO

    Anna/Anya/Anastasia: I love all of these. They all remind me of the movie Anastasia about the Russian princess. Anna and Anya can be nicknames for Anastasia. Anna is a little more unassuming. It goes with everything. While as if you were nn'd Anya I'd assume you hailed from Eastern Europe. I'd add Anastasia regardless. It's gorgeous.

    Vera - Has grown on me since meeting a cute little girl named Vera. Vera Genevieve sounds very vintage. I like it.

    Elizabeth - You can't go wrong with Elizabeth. Elisabeth with an "s" is the french and german way of spelling it and looks adorable in a sibset with Clara and Genevieve. Clara Elisabeth looks so European and so beautiful.

    Tallulah - I could see working as a fabulous mn. Genevieve Tallulah, Charlotte Tallulah, Josephine Tallulah. It adds a little spice to a long vintage name that doesn't end in an "a"

    Simone - nms. All I hear is "moan".

    Colette -nms but bearable. I prefer Cosette. Genevieve Colette/Cosette sounds very French.

    Emily - I love Emily, I don't love its popularity. I think this would work great as an mn or an fn, slightly more as an mn. Emilie, Amelie and Emilia/Amelia are some to consider as well. Emilie and Emilia fit the style of your current name list better than the English Emily.

    Seraphina - Love it. Makes for a really lovely fn. There is also Seraphine (the french version for an mn.) Lucia Seraphine, Emilie Seraphine, Maria Seraphine, & Gemma Seraphina are stunning.

    Cecilia - I like it a lot. The nn Cece is adorable. I'd add it.
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    Brigid- Pretty, but not great.
    Violet- If you really love this name, it doesn't matter if your family likes it. In my opinion, it's plain and you wouldn't be missing out on anything if you chose to not use this name.
    Vivienne- Lovely!
    Phoebe- I adore this name! So pretty. Is fun without being over-the-top.
    Stella or Estelle- Meh.
    Catherine- A beautiful classic.
    Charlotte- Same as Catherine. Love the nn Lottie.
    Victoria- I like it best without nns, and I'm positive a girl can go through life as Victoria (not Vicki or Tori). However, Plum would be a cute nn.
    Maria- Kind of plain. I like it as a double-barrel name, like Lily-Maria.
    Josephine or Josephina- Very pretty, but personally I'm not a fan of any of their nicknames.
    Ava or Eva- Eva! I truly hate the name Ava, but love love love Eva
    Carmen- I associate this with the Lana Del Rey song, the chorus being: "The boys, the girls, they all like Carmen/She gives them butterflies, bats her cartoon eyes/She laughs like God, her mind is like a diamond..."
    Giselle- I think it's fine.
    Eleanor- I like it, but don't love it.
    Gemma- I love love love this name!
    Helena- Very pretty, but not special.
    Priscilla- I have good associations with this name, the one I knew having been a childhood friend. She never had a problem with her name.
    Holland- Eh.
    Adelaide- Pretty, but I much prefer Adelina.
    Laura or Lauren- Both are lovely! I like them much better than Laurel.
    Willa- I have a really good friend with this name. I think it sounds lovely.
    Jane- I think it's a tad boring.
    Audrina- I like this so much better than Audrey!
    Anna or Anya or Anastasia- I don't particularly care for these names.
    Vera- Nice!
    Elizabeth- Same as Catherine.
    Tallulah- I love this name! So pretty!
    Simone- Ugh. I don't like this name at all.
    Colette- Cute.
    Emily- Boring.
    Seraphina- This name is so pretty!
    Cecilia- I love the nn CeCe, but I don't like Cecilia at all.

    Names in bold are my favorites.
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    You have such great taste!
    Brigid- I really like the D version of this name. It's so strong and beautiful!
    Violet (I like this but I was talking to family recently and they all talked about how much they hated this name, does that make it a no)- It doesn't make it a no if your family hates it- it's your choice, they can deal with it. That said, I do agree with them- it's way, way too close to "violent" for me. That's all I ever hear with this name.
    Vivienne- Love it!
    Phoebe- Neve been a fan. I don't hate it, it's just not my taste.
    Stella or Estelle- I prefer Stella for a first and Estelle for a middle.
    Catherine- Classic and beautiful, especially with the C.
    Charlotte- Like Catherine, but I think it's just a tiny bit more trendy.
    Victoria (Is this possible without a NN, I am ok with Tori not a big fan though and I despise Vicki)- If you use Tori, Toria, or Ria as a nickname, I don't think people will call her Vicki. As long as you provide the option, people shouldn't do it (although Vic might still happen.) I know a Victoria with no nickname and a few Toris. I've actually met more Victoria/Toris than Victoria/Vickis.
    Maria- Very pretty
    Josephine or Josephina- Josephine is more popular on nameberry, but I like Josephina more, personally. I like the cadence of it; the fourth syllable makes it so much more melodious.
    Ava or Eva- Honestly I love Ava. It is very trendy, but I don't care. It's great. And without too many variant spellings, you won't have to worry about misspelling/mispronunciation like you would with Sophia/Sofia/Sophie/Sofie or Emily/Emilie/Emma Leigh/Emmalee etc. The popularity as listed will be very accurate. Eva is nice as well.
    Carmen- I like this because it's feminine but not at all frilly.
    Giselle (does the first syllable make this a no)- Not at all. I know several Giselles (in several spellings) and none have ever had a problem to my knowledge. I love this name; it seems very energetic to me.
    Eleanor- Beautiful
    Gemma- Also beautiful.
    Helena- A lot of pronunciations with this one- is it huh-LAY-na, huh-LEE-na, or HELL-in-a? All are attractive, but it's a difficult name.
    Priscilla- I get the appeal. It's nice. Not my favorite, but I don't dislike it.
    Holland- Not a fan. Least favorite here.
    Adelaide (I like this one a lot but I am not so sure about have "Laid" as a part of her name)- I think it's fine, and Adelaide is a well-known and lovely name. You might like variant Aleydis as well.
    Laura or Lauren- Fine, but a little overused for my taste. Not bad, though.
    Willa- Very nice.
    Jane (too plain?)- The only reason people think Jane is plain is because it rhymes. Jane is lovely and rather uncommon for babies!
    Audrina (is this too celebrity?? I have always been fond of it but I am not sure it is actually usable or not)- Yes, too celebrity for my taste.
    Anna or Anya or Anastasia (I am leaning towards Anastasia though with Anya and Anna as NNs)- I love Anna. It's probably my favorite of the common classic names (Anna, Elizabeth, Katherine, Margaret, etc.) I like Anastasia as well, and you may be smart to give her the various nickname options. I think that's a great thing about Anastasia- there's a ridiculous number of nickname options. Anna or Anya are more traditional, Asia or Tasia are more modern, Stasy/Stacey is somewhere in between, and there are plenty more to choose from.
    Vera- Love it.
    Elizabeth- Like Anastasia, lots of great nicknames.
    Tallulah- Too over the top for me. I completely see the appeal, but I just can't like it. It's silly to me, much too much for an average person to wear. You kind of have to be Tallulah Bankhead to pull it off. I think Lula or Alula are better, more wearable alternatives.
    Simone- Lovely! And a very unique sound.
    Colette- Love this too.
    Emily- I really like it and it's stunning, but I think there might be enough Emilys. The Em- family of names are the only thing that I think come close to being a new Jennifer. It is wonderful, but most Emilys I know, even adults, are a bit tired of sharing their name.
    Seraphina- Beautiful
    Cecilia- Also beautiful

    Top picks are: Josephina, Carmen, Vera, Jane, Eleanor, Brigid and Giselle.
    Least Favorites: Holland, Violet, Audrina

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