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    really torn with this name... please help me figure this one out

    Hi berries,
    We have been very tentatively thinking about possibly maybe trying for another baby in the later half of the new year, and of course im already mulling over names. I have recently come back to an old favourite of mine -Rosalie. I really love it, the look, the sound, the feel ; pretty, characterful and quite bluesy. but have some major reservations, which is why i didn't use it for my first daughter. Could you help me navigate the pros and cons? No other name keeps coming back to me like Rosalie and i can picture my next daughter being Rosalie BUT....

    1. The way it sounds with my first daughters name: my little girl is called Juniper. I actually think they sound good together, but Rosalie is just so much more mainstream, would it be weird to have an unusual name like juniper(bear in mind we are in the uk where juniper is virtually unheard of)? I would have to pair it with a unique mn which would be fun, would that make up for it? Also do the names give off an overtly nature theme? Ideally, i would like to avoid that.

    2. I don't like the nn Rosie: call me crazy, but i just dont. I like Rosa and even Lee or Lia but i know that at some point someone will call her rosie and i will cringe. My daughter Juniper goes by Juni all the time and we would have to have a nn that we like.

    3. Namesake issues: ok, this is the big one. My MIL's name is Rose, and this is an awful thing to say, but we have a difficult relationship , and i'm not sure i could bear to be reminded of her all the time!! That sounds really bad i know but i'm just trying to be honest about my feelings towards this name. Would my little Rosalie feel completely distinct from the MILs name? Or am i kidding myself if i think i can just let that go? On the plus side, my DH would love it.

    And saying all this, i still do love Rosalie. I just dont know if it'll just end up being one of those 'what if 'names that never gets used. The other contender is Mirabelle Susannah which i love and is less problematic; it also honours two family members. Please let me know your thoughts and thank you for reading! And im really sorry for all the typos , i'm using a new phone and its just awful! :-)
    ~ Mama to Juniper and Arlo ~

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    I think Rosalie and Juniper sound cute together but there is really no way of avoiding Rosie as a nm. I think you may also like Coralie which is more unique. How popular is Rosalie in the UK?

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    If you use the nn Rosa, I feel it's less likely people will call her Rosie. People like to impose nns mostly to make a name shorter and easier. Giving them the preferred option would help, I'd think.

    Rosalie feels distinctive from Rose, but you could always spin it and let your MIL think it's honoring her. Of course I don't know what the tension between you two is about, but maybe it would smooth things over if she thought you were making a nice gesture (even if it's really just that you happen to like the name).

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    I think they sound great together! But it sounds like the name is very flawed for you. I think Rose & Rosie would happen, people could easily assume she was named to honor the woman you dislike and if they ask you if you had...well, saying no could be very pointed. I don't think the popularity difference matters because the imagery & cadence is so similar to me.

    Coralie is a great suggestion.

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    I agree that Rosalie is very close to Rose, and Rose, even though it was not your intention, would like think it's to honour her, or at least outsiders would assume as much. Especially as the previous poster noted, if you say that "no" it is not in fact to honour her, it could make an already uncomfortable situation unbearable.

    I love Rosalie though, it's a very very pretty name, but nn's Rosie/Rose might become unavoidable, your daughter could prefer those for herself in only a few short years. Juniper and Rosalie are an adorable sibset, both are uncommon enough where I live (in Canada) that I wouldn't even bat an eye. Much much much prefer Rosalie over Mirabelle.

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