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Thread: Create a Family

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    Cool Create a Family


    Your Name:
    1-2: FN is a Roman name; MN is your choice
    3-4: FN is a literary name; MN is a flower
    5-6: You choose, but you have two MNs
    DH Name:
    1-2: FN is in the top 25; MN comes from
    3-4: You choose FN; MN has the same meaning as your first name
    5-6: FN comes from; MN is your choice

    Birth 1
    Do you have a pet?
    No: You have B/G twins. FN names come from; MN are your choice
    Yes: You have a Girl. MN is your choice; FN comes from…
    Dog: Celestial names
    Fish: The Hunger Games

    Birth 2
    Are you wearing pajamas?
    Yes: You have all girl triplets: FN is a nature name; MN:
    No: You have all boy triplets: FN is a place name; MN is rock, mineral, jewel, gem, etc.

    Birth 3
    If it is Sunday-Wednesday: You have a boy- FN:; MN is your choice
    Thursday-Friday: You choose gender- FN your choice; MN:

    Birth 4
    What is your favorite type of music?
    Country: Boy; both names come from:
    Rock: G/B twins; FN is related to your favorite song, MN is your choice
    Pop: Girl; Pick a FN from the top 25 popular names; choose a MN
    Jazz: Boy; FN and MN:
    Dance: G/G twins; FN and MN:
    Other: B/B twins; Choose FN; MN:

    Pets (ROLL DICE)
    1. You choose pet; name comes from
    2. You get a horse name is after a spice or food
    3. You get 2 dogs (pick their breed); name them after celebrities
    4. You get 3 fish; name them after Disney Princesses
    5. Choose your pet, and name it after the designer of the shirt you are wearing
    6. You get two pets of your choice. Name them after your favorite book

    List Your Family. You can include photos, ages, personalities, and whatever else you want.
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